SSF - Erase data

Erase data in SSF.

SSF2 - Clear data

Clear data in SSF2.

Clear data, also referred to as erase data, is an option in the Super Smash Flash series that allows players to erase the game data and other game configurations.

Unlike how it works in the Super Smash Bros. series, where players can select specific data to clear, in both Super Smash Flash and Super Smash Flash 2, the player is only able to erase all data at once, this means, unlockable rewards, like characters and stages, high scores, options settings, etc. are all gone forever and once deleted, there is no way to recover data. In SSF2, however, if the player has exported the game data before deleting the game's content, he/she will be able to recover any lost data by importing it back after clearing all data; this is sometimes specially convenient when updating the game version of SSF2 in order to save things like high scores.

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