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Chris Hubac in 2014.
Full name Christopher Malcolm Hubac
Alias ElvisDitto
Join date August 23, 2006
Gender Male
Rank Lead Developer
Main role Spriter, Voice Actor (Delibird)
Main(s) Donkey Kong
Location Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Chris Hubac (also known as ElvisDitto) is a head Super Smash Flash 2 developer.

Work with the Super Smash Flash series

Chris joined the Smash Flash team after playing the original Super Smash Flash while still in High School. Chris has taken up the role of spriter, animator, and is somewhat adverse in using Adobe Flash and Photoshop. He is also the voice of Delibird.

Along with his partner Jamal Ransaw, he was responsible for the updates to Naruto, Goku, and Ichigo in appearance for the v0.9 update. They were also responsible for the sprites of Peach, Ness, and Luigi.

Role played

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