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Chargin' Chuck
Mario symbol.svg
Chargin' Chucks as they appear in Super Mario 3D World.
Universe Mario
First appearance Super Mario World (1990)
MG appearance(s) A Super Mario World
Gender Varies
Alignment Evil
Company Nintendo

Chargin' Chucks (ブル) are enemies that debuted in Super Mario World that look similar to the Koopa equivalent of a football player.


Chargin' Chucks first debuted in Super Mario World as common enemies who are quite durable against damage. In this game, Chargin' Chucks can attack in a variety of ways, including throwing baseballs, kicking footballs, and flinging rocks with a shovel. They can also break through Rotating Blocks and Grab Blocks. Chargin' Chucks also act more aggressively when Mario is with Yoshi. Other types have less direct attack patterns, such as splitting into three and charging forward and summoning or alerting other nearby enemies, such as Super Koopas and Rip Van Fish, using a whistle; one type of Chargin' Chuck also has the habit of jumping in place and clapping. Aside from the whistling Chargin' Chucks, all Chargin' Chucks, once jumped on, revert to simply trying to tackle the player.

In Super Mario World, it takes three jumps on a Chargin' Chuck's head, five fireballs, or one cape swing to defeat it. However, as of Super Mario 3D World, most Chargin' Chucks take two normal hits, the first of which knocks off their helmet.

In A Super Mario World

A Chargin' Chuck, as it appears in A Super Mario World.

A Chargin' Chuck appears in the McLeodGaming cartoon A Super Mario World, where it briefly appears in the first episode as one of the monsters that Mario fights with the Master Sword. It charges across the ground to the left and turns around before getting crushed by Mario and the Master Sword, killing it.