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Naruto charge-canceling by shielding and rolling.

Charge-canceling is the act of canceling a special move's charging animation, storing the charged attack for posterior use. Charge-cancels are usually performed by pressing the shield button, resulting in a shield, an air dodge or a roll.

After a charge-cancel happens, the character can move normally, storing the charge. Upon using the move again, they may either instantly release the attack, depleting the charge, or resume playing the charging animation.

Charge-cancels are not to be confused with the phenomenon that occurs when a character gets hit during a charging animation. In this case, the charge is not stored at all.

List of moves that can be charge-canceled

Character Move Notes
Black Mage Stop Will not resume the charge if the player attempts to use this move again after charge-canceling it.
Donkey Kong Giant Punch N/A
Kirby Inhale Can copy every other attack in this list.
Lucario Aura Sphere N/A
Naruto Rasengan
Samus Charge Shot
Sheik Needle Storm
PAC-MAN Bonus Fruit