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Ichigo, Goku and Donkey Kong, Link using their chargeable special moves in SSF2.

Charging is the act of powering up of an attack or item in the Super Smash Flash series, in order to increase their potency (damage, range, etc.). All smash attacks can be charged, increasing the damage and knockback they deal. Certain special moves can also be charged, although some of them leave the user vulnerable, giving opponents a chance to attack the user while charging, similarly some special moves only have different effects when charging such as Pac-Mans; Bonus Fruit or Luigi's Green Missile with damage and knockback done based on the exact charge of the move.

Chargeable special moves in Super Smash Flash 2


  • Wario Waft is the only special move that cannot be directly charged, but instead charges by itself.
  • Trinity Limit and Arwing are the only chargeable Final Smashes.
    • Despite this Arwing itself is not chargeable but features a chargeable attack in the form of its lasers.
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