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Join date Unknown
Gender Male
Main(s) Tails, Luigi
Secondary(ies) Black Mage, Falco
Crew(s) NSB
Skill Top Professional
Location Ontario, Canada

Chaos0 is a professional Super Smash Flash 2 and Luigi player from Ontario, Canada. His Tails is considered the best and most technical, having taken many top spots in tournaments from 9b to Beta, and is currently ranked 13th on FCR.


Chaos0's Tails play is famously known his refined punish game, perfected tech skill, and superior character and framedata knowledge. His usage of Tailsdash has lowered since 9b, but he still finds ways to implement it into his clever and mix up filled gameplan.

Notable tournament placings

Tournament Date Placement
Universe Classic VIII 9/9/17 3rd
Clash Of The Titans II 8/1/17 3rd
NSB Apology Tourney 8/4/17 3rd
Smashers Of Life #0.5 Battle of the Peasents 9/10/17 5th
NSB Garden of Eden 7/22/17 4th


  • Chaos0, for some reason, chooses to call Luigi "Lugia".
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