Central Highway
SSF2 Central Highway
Mega Man symbol
Central Highway in Super Smash Flash 2.
Universe Mega Man
Appearance Super Smash Flash 2
Home stage for SSF2 Mega Man head
Size Large
Availability Starter
Music track(s)
  • Storm Eagle
  • Mega Man X Medley
Tournament legality Banned

Central Highway, also known as the Highway Stage (ハイウェイステージ), is a starter stage in Super Smash Flash 2, hailing from the Mega Man series. The stage focuses on a small area of the highway with some buildings in the background as well as some destroyed cars.


The platform is falling

The left platform falling.

The stage consists of the platforms (all with gaps between them), placed in an up going motion. Wrecked cars and broken pieces of the highway can be seen. After a certain amount of time, fall-through platforms appear over the middle and right main platforms and the left main platform shakes and then falls down slowly. After some more time, the right main platform will shake and then fall down slowly. After even more time passes, the right fall-through platform will fall down slowly without shaking first, leaving the middle main platform and the middle fall-through platform on the stage. This stage will not return to its original form.


  • The main track is Storm Eagle, a rock remix of the theme that plays on Storm Eagle's stage, Sky Stage, in Mega Man X.
  • The alternate track is Mega Man X Medley, a techno medley of four remixed songs from Mega Man X: Boomer Kuwanger, Chill Penguin, Storm Eagle, and Spark Mandrill.

Tournament legality

The stage is banned in regular competitive tournaments. There is no proper main platform, as the stage is divided into three sections with pits between them. Said pits make recovery impossible for some characters like Ness. The stage is also very long and contains "walls" due to the platforms' uneven heights, giving characters with strong vertical KO ability a large advantage. With hazards on, the stage is somewhat more viable due to getting rid of the death pits, but it still suffers from the same problem of having very large side blast zones, as well as the other previously mentioned issues before the outer platforms collapse.


MMX Highway

The opening stage in Mega Man X.

Central Highway is the unofficial name given to the first stage that appears in the game Mega Man X. X has to traverse the highway while the Mavericks are launching an assault. Constant attacks and the crumbling highway make it difficult for X to get through. At the end of the stage, Vile is encountered and eventually fought. After Central Highway, X starts his mission to take down several Mavericks.

In Mega Man Xtreme, Central Highway reappears as the first stage of the game, being digitally recreated using the Mother Computer. In Mega Man X7, Central Highway again appears as one of the early stages in the game. Central Highway also reappears in Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X, once again serving as the opening stage for both X and Vile.



Early designs


Cut Man cameo

Cut Man's hidden sign.

  • A dilapidated sign showing the Master Robot, Cut Man, can be seen by tricking the game camera far below the lowest boundary. This is an Easter egg specially prepared by developer, Steven.
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