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Pikachu camping on the bottom of Emerald Cave while spamming Thunder to pressure Lloyd, who as a result cannot enter in the camping area.

Camping is a strategy or tactic in the Super Smash Flash series that involves moving to and staying isolated in a safe spot in order to evade opponents. Camping serves a multitude of purposes, which include and are not limited to:

  • Deliberately trying to win by time-out in order to win by a lead in stock or percentage.
  • In a game with multiple opponents, waiting until their opponents have sustained more damage.
  • Charging a special move.
  • Using a spammable projectile.
  • Stalling.

Types of camping

There are several methods to camping, all of which in general consist of avoiding a full head-on confrontation with the opponent.

Projectile camping

Fox using projectile camping.

Projectile camping is the act of camping while spamming projectiles in order to rack up damage and keep their opponent away, eventually forcing the opponent to approach the player in order to prevent continuous damage done to them. Projectile camping is a highly practical way to win a match unlike the other forms of camping, as it can rack up enough damage onto the opponent in such that the player gains a significant lead in the game.

This form of camping is especially effective in the original Super Smash Flash, where projectiles such as Mario's Fireball and Tails' Energy Ball are incredibly strong with great range and can be spammed easily. In Super Smash Flash 2, Mega Man is good at this form of camping because he has a spammable projectile in his Mega Buster that is good at stopping approaches, while Fox also excels at this even though Blaster does not cause opponents to flinch.

Air camping

Air camping is a form of camping by evading the opponent by utilizing a character's ability to stay in the air for an extended amount of time. Characters who have superior air mobility, characters with slow falling speeds, and characters who have multiple midair jumps are able to stay in the air for a significant amount of time. Fast aerial attacks with good range that are able to keep opponents at bay are necessary attributes a character must have to be able to air camp effectively. In SSF2, characters such as Jigglypuff, Meta Knight, and Tails especially excel at this due to these attributes.

Platform camping

Platform camping is the act of staying away from the opponent by utilizing platforms. The player waits on an elevated platform for the opponent to approach and then jumps onto another platform into to evade the opponent. This is one of the most common methods of camping, as any character can perform it without the need for projectiles and can perform the method efficiently. However, the effectiveness depends largely on the particular stage being played on, with it mainly relying on there being enough elevated platforms to perform it with.