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Camelot Co. Ltd.
Camelot Software Planning logo.png
Logo of Camelot Software Planning.
Founded 1990; 28 years ago
Headquarters Tokyo, Japan
Key people Hiroyuki Takahashi
Shugo Takahashi
Motoi Sakuraba
Website Official site (Japanese)
Current status Active

Camelot Co. Ltd. (株式会社キャメロット), doing business as Camelot Software Planning, is a Japanese video game developer established in 1990 under the name SEGA CD4, but quickly renamed to Sonic! Software Planning. Named after Sonic the Hedgehog, they were closely involved with SEGA and responsible for initial development of the Shining series. In 1995, there was a brief period where they worked for Sony Computer Entertainment in addition to creating Shining products.

By 2001, now known as Camelot, they had partnered with Nintendo and created the Mario Tennis and Mario Golf series of sports games, as well as the role-playing video game series, Golden Sun.

Influence in the McLeodGaming media

Waluigi, a character created by Camelot designer Fumihide Aoki to be Luigi's rival and Wario's partner in the Nintendo 64 Camelot-developed title, Mario Tennis, is a playable character in Super Smash Flash 2 as part of the Mario universe, unlike the official Super Smash Bros. series, where Waluigi controversially appears as an Assist Trophy only.

On the other hand, Isaac, the silent protagonist from the original Golden Sun and a recurring character in last two games of the series, also makes an appearance as a playable character alongside with the stage, Venus Lighthouse, based on the third dungeon found in the original game.