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CR Drake
Ya Dad@APEX2013.jpg
CR Drake at APEX 2013.
Full name CR Drake
Alias C.R. Drake, Drake, Ya Dad
Join date March 4, 2013
Gender Male
Rank Former SSF2 developer
Main role Public relations, music
Location Indiana, USA

CR Drake, also known as Ya Dad, was formerly a Super Smash Flash 2 developer. He was most well known for promoting the game through livestreams, particularly his weekly "The Super Smash Flash 2 Livestream", and the tournaments he would organize and host.


CR Drake first discovered Super Smash Flash 2 in 2010, and starting with v0.8b of the demo in 2012, he would become an active player of the game. To help promote the game to new audiences, Drake began livestreaming the game weekly in "Ya Dad's Super Smash Flash 2 Livestream!", posting competitive guides and matches, and organizing and hosting tournaments. This would eventually get the attention of the developers, especially when Drake challenged Gregory McLeod to a match at APEX 2013.

Work with Super Smash Flash 2

In early 2013, CR Drake became an official developer for the game. As a developer, he would continue livestreaming the game weekly and would be provided with updated developer builds to showcase new content before it is released. In order to help establish a competitive scene for the game, he also continued to set up tournaments and promote the game at major events such as Salty Sundays and APEX. Most notably, Drake helped to set up the Super Smash Flash 2 v0.9b tournament, the first SSF2 tournament to be sponsored by McLeodGaming.

In addition to this, Drake composed two music tracks for the game that would later be featured in v0.9b of the demo. These include Dark World and Break the Targets!.

Following the release of v0.9b, Drake left the development team in order to focus on his personal life. Despite this, he still remains closely acquainted with the developers, and he continues to livestream the game weekly. Similarly to before, he is granted access to the most recent tester build of the game. On August 29, 2021, his weekly livestream was rebranded to "The Super Smash Flash 2 Livestream" and made the first livestream to be sponsored by McLeodGaming.


  • The couches that appear in the background of Waiting Room are based on the couch CR Drake used to play on during "Ya Dad's Super Smash Flash 2 Livestream!", in which it would be visible throughout each livestream. However, Drake has since replaced his couch.
  • Although both music tracks arranged by Drake are still present in SSF2, he is no longer credited in the "Music Composition" section in the game's credits, instead only being listed in the section "Our Old Friends".

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