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Ya Dad
Ya Dad@APEX2013
CR Drake at APEX 2013.
Full name CR Drake
Alias C.R. Drake, Drake, Ya Dad
Join date March 4th, 2013
Gender Male
Rank Former SSF2 Developer
Main role Public relations, audio
Location Indiana, USA

CR Drake, also known as Ya Dad, was a former SSF2 Developer best known for his weekly "Ya Dad's Super Smash Flash 2 Livestream!" that take place every Saturday at 4:15pm EST, as well as the annual SSF2 tournaments that he organizes and hosts.


Ya Dad first came across the original Super Smash Flash during his computer lab class in high school after mindlessly browsing around the Newgrounds flash-game website. He would check back here and there for various updates after Super Smash Flash 2 was released, but did not get hooked until he discovered v0.8b in the summer of 2012.

As a developer

Though contributing stage music and livestreaming the game every weekend, Ya Dad is frequently inactive due to his busy personal life which includes moving up in his career and spending his free time with his wife and daughter.


  • Ya Dad is also credited in another indie game called "The Black Heart" which was built using the M.U.G.E.N engine.
  • Chris ElvisDitto Hubac spent a week at Ya Dad's place after the events of APEX 2014.
  • Though Ya Dad associates with the color "red" because of Mario and Player 1's damage meter , his favorite color is actually a tie between "blue" and "green" depending on how he feels.

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