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Rayman symbol
Rayman using Bzzit.
Universe Rayman
User(s) SSF2 Rayman head
Type Basic
Effect Rayman calls forth Bzzit and rides it, allowing him to fly around, shoot projectiles and suck up opponents around.

Bzzit is Rayman's Final Smash in Super Smash Flash 2.


When performed, Rayman calls forth Bzzit, a giant mosquito, to ride it, allowing Rayman to fly around, shoot projectiles and suck up opponents with Bzzit's proboscis. With Bzzit, Rayman can fly around the stage as much as he wants. The projectiles Bzzit shoots deal 5% damage with minor knockback, and sucking up opponents with his proboscis deal 15% of damage with high launching knockback.



Rayman encountering Bzzit in his first game.

Bzzit originally debuts in the first Rayman game, appearing as a mini-boss at first before instantly becoming friends with the limbless hero after being defeated. Due to the reuse sprites, he is often confused with Moskito, the first major boss of the same game. Since then, he makes a number of appearances throughout the series, including Rayman Revolution. His method of attacks from his debut makes an appearance, including the projectile attack, which only appeared in the Atari Jaguar version.



Rayman's special moves
Standard special move LockJaw
Side special move Vortex
Up special move Helicopter
Down special move Plum
Final Smash Bzzit
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