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Mario under the bury effect on Mushroom Kingdom III.

Bury is an effect in Super Smash Flash 2 dealt by certain moves. When a character is buried, they will be embedded into the ground and cannot move. Opponents in midair cannot be buried; most moves that bury grounded opponents will either be unable to hit aerial opponents, or will instead meteor smash them. If a player tries to bury an already-buried opponent, nothing will happen.

Elements that can bury


Character Move Notes
Bowser Down tilt Only as Giga Bowser.
Chibi-Robo Giga-Robo Will meteor smash aerial opponents.
Donkey Kong Headbutt
Kirby Inhale Can copy Capsule Spawn and Waluigi Dice.
Sandbag Capsule Spawn Can spawn a Pitfall or a Yellow Shell from his Capsule, both of which will meteor smash aerial opponents.
Waluigi Waluigi Dice #5 Will meteor smash aerial opponents.
Wario Down tilt Only as Wario-Man.


Item Hitbox
Pitfall All hitboxes
Yellow Shell

Poké Ball

Poké Ball Pokémon Move
Metagross Earthquake


Stage hazard Hitbox
WarioWare, Inc. The foot in the Look Out! microgame.


Boss Move Notes
Master Hand Crush Will meteor smash aerial opponents.