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Burly-Brawl Melee is an unlockable Multi-Man Smash exclusive to Super Smash Flash not present in any of the Super Smash Bros. games. It challenges the player to defeat as many opponents as possible without falling from the stage, self-destructing, or being KO'd. This mode was replaced by the similar Endless Smash in Super Smash Flash 2, but unlike Endless mode, the opponents will always be a single randomly selected character and will only change if a new match is started.

In Super Smash Flash

The Burly-Brawl Melee in SSF where Blue fights the Silhouette Mr. Incredibles.

Burly-Brawl Melee is the only original Multi-Man mode in SSF. It replaced the Endless Melee from Super Smash Bros. Melee. It becomes available once the player clears 3-Minute Melee with any character, and it unlocks alongside the secret character, Crono. As with other Multi-Man modes, 10-Man Melee is always played on Battlefield and the opponents are always the Fighting Silhouette Team, except this time, the opponents are a single character that never changes to another unless the match ends and is restarted. A different, unique theme also plays during this mode.

Though opponents are light and more prone to being KO'd, SSF's physics make them a bit harder to launch them off the stage with a single attack other than an up attack or a projectile. Additionally, some opponents have access to different moves that allow them to recover with ease and shoot projectiles, which considerably increases the challenge.


  • Though there are no official rewards for playing a Burly-Brawl Melee, through exploitation of the skip bug, the player gets an easier alternative to unlocking Cloud and get his challenger battle, as opposed to the usual method of clearing 100-Man Melee. This can be done an infinite amounts of times, even after Cloud has become available.
    • It is also possible to get Crono's challenger battle again by using the skip glitch on Cloud's "Challenger Approaching" screen. This is actually less useful, as Crono is already available at the moment Burly-Brawl Melee becomes available. It can also be performed an infinite amount of times.
  • This mode gets its name, concept and soundtrack from the infamous fighting sequence from the 2003 science-fiction action film, The Matrix Reloaded, were the protagonist Neo faces countless amounts of Agent Smith's clones by himself.
    • With that stated above, this is the second nod to The Matrix Reloaded within the McLeodGaming media, with the first being the sequence from 2005 flash short, School, when Mr. Hackensaw kills a student in a similar manner to how Agent Smith controls over people within the Matrix, by thrusting his hand into his victim's chest.