Broken can be described as a game play element (anything ranging from character, stages, items, situations, or a combination thereof) is so overpowering that it ruins game play by supplanting other game play elements. A common form of brokenness that is heavily disputed between players is in the form of character a by itself. A prime example would be Meta Knight in Super Smash Bros. Brawl where his attributes over power the rest of the casts and his tournament legality is heavily disputed. This also occurs in Super Smash Flash 2 where some characters have attributes that give them advantages over the rest of the cast. It is hard to find a character who is broken in Super Smash Flash due to all of the cast who attacks deal tons of damage and knockback while all having the same recovery options.

Examples of broken elements in Super Smash Flash 2

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Demo v0.9a

  • Version is where Samus was considered broken due in part to her not having a hurtbox when she perform her down special moveBomb. Even though Samus had little to hardly any KO ability; her using that move made her untouchable, gave her to many options and she could spam the move as much as the player desired.
  • Version is where Sonic was considered broken due to his side special move, Light Dash. The properties that make Sonic broken, like Samus, is based entirely on one single move. Light dash has a lot of priority in the move, being able to cancel out most other attacks, can be followed up with different aerials and it can abused. All a player has to do is short hop light dash, then follow up with Sonic's neutral aerial. The attack can be L-cancelinged allowing Sonic to follow up with any move after knocking the opponent down, due to Sonic being able to repeat this same tactic and having great follow up options is what makes him broken.

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