Bonuses, also referred to as bonus points, are special points in Super Smash Flash awarded to the player after certain conditions are met during a match. They can be obtained in Group matches or in levels of Classic, Adventure, or All-Star. Most bonuses add points to the player's score, though some can deduct them.

Currently, bonuses have not been confirmed to appear in Super Smash Flash 2.

List of bonuses

There are 36 unique bonuses in Super Smash Flash. This is a list of the bonuses in Super Smash Flash accompanied by the amount of points earned for obtaining it and their requirements for doing so.

Name Points Given Requirement
150% Damage 1000 Took 150% damage or more.
200% Damage 3000 Took 200% damage or more.
250% Damage 7000 Took 250% damage or more.
300% Damage 10000 Took 300% damage or more.
350% Damage 15000 Took 350% damage or more.
Adventure Clear 50000 Cleared the Adventure mode.
Airhog 5000 Jumped over 100 times.
All Ground 6000 Used all standard ground attacks against enemies.
All-Star Clear 50000 Cleared the All-Star mode.
Berserker 3500 Attacked in frenzy.
Bird of Prey 4000 Used only aerial attacks.
Cement Shoes 4000 Never jumped, including midair jumps.
Classic Clear 50000 Cleared the Classic mode.
Crouch Master 500 Crouched a lot.
Exceptional Aim 4000 Hit with most attacks.
Falls ×–500 Counts each fall.
Full Power 2000 Damage at 0% at finish.
Heavy Damage 20000 Took 400% damage or more.
Impervious 7000 Didn't suffer a single attack.
KO's ×500 Counts each KO.
Last Second 5000 Cleared with 0:01 left on the timer.
Lethal Weapon 7000 Used a wide variety of attacks.
Level Clear 5000 Cleared a level in Classic, Adventure, or All-Star.
Lucky Number Seven 3000 Cleared with 0:07 left on the timer.
Lucky Threes 3330 Cleared with 3:33 left on the timer.
Master of Suspense 2500 Surprised the crowd 10 times.
Melee Master 100000 Cleared All-Star mode without recovering.
Perfect Aim 10000 Did not miss an attack.
SD's ×–500 Counts each self-destruct.
Smash King 3000 Used many Smash attacks.
Smash-less 1500 Used no Smash attacks.
Smash Maniac 3500 Only used Smash attacks.
Statue 500 Barely moved horizontally at all.
Stiff Knees 300 Did not crouch.
Switzerland 12000 Never attacked anyone or took damage.
Very-Hard Clear 200000 Cleared the very hard difficulty.


  • Although the official strategy guide page for SSF lists the requirements for obtaining bonuses, seven of them (Level Clear, Exceptional Aim, Perfect Aim, Statue, Lucky Threes, Lucky Number Seven, Last Second) are completely unlisted.[1]
    • The page also lists a bonus called Self-Destructor worth –2000 points, which would be obtained by having many self-destructs, but this bonus is not actually present in the game.


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