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This article is about Bomberman's appearance in Super Smash Flash 2. For general information about the character, see Bomberman.
in Super Smash Flash 2
SSF2 Bomberman.png
Bomberman symbol.svg
Bomberman's official artwork.
Universe Bomberman
Stock icon SSF2 Bomberman stock icon.png
Availability Starter
Final Smash Revenge Cart
Tier B (30)

Bomberman is a newcomer starter character in Super Smash Flash 2, hailing from Konami's (formerly by the defunct Hudson Soft) series of the same name. His sprites are custom-made and based on his appearance in Bomberman Generation, where he is depicted wearing a red scarf and golden bracelets.

Bomberman is ranked 30th on the current tier list. Bomberman has very good stage control due to his ability to plant and move around up to five bombs on the stage which, when detonated, produce very large, high-damaging explosions that have to potential to cover the entire stage. He also has very good maneuverability due to his good aerial mobility and a ludicrously fast initial dash that gives him a long dash-dance and can be repeatedly crouch-cancelled to zip around the stage. This is further compounded by his solid air game due to his fast, powerful, disjointed aerials that enable him to combo opponents offstage, as well as his wealth of good kill moves, including his smash attacks, power bombs, back aerial, and forward aerial, up special move, and forward throw.

However, Bomberman suffers from a high falling speed (the third-highest), and a large hurtbox, that make him susceptible to combos and chain grabs. His recovery, while covering a great vertical distance, is very linear and covers very little horizontal distance, making him easy to gimp. Outside of the moves that use his head, Bomberman's attack range is lackluster, giving him a disadvantage against characters with disjointed hitboxes, such as Lloyd and Marth. In addition to this, Bomberman becomes considerably weaker onstage if his opponent overwhelms him before he has a chance to set up his bombs.

Bomberman appears to have a small player base and poor representation in online tournaments. However, the players that do participate in tournaments take high spots.


MG icon.svg See also: Bomberman (Super Smash Flash 2)/Hard data

Bomberman is a character that mainly focuses on stage control, using his bombs to pressure the opponent. The only notable trait about him is his weight, being a relatively middleweight character.

As mentioned above, Bomberman's most significant attribute is his ability to place up to five bombs onstage via his standard special move, Bomb. This grants him incredible stage control, which is further supplemented by the ability to charge these bombs for a bigger explosion with more power, and Bomb Kick, which allows Bomberman to move the bombs around the stage. His down special, Bomb Detonate, detonates the bomb(s) he has laid all at once, allowing him to play mindgames with his opponent, or set up ledge traps.

His ground game is also very potent. His high dash speed allows him to catch up to other characters relatively quickly, granting him the ability to rush down other characters to start or extend combos, or KO. His standard attack comes out relatively quickly, and the first two hits can lock, allowing Bomberman to set up for his forward smash via this method. His up and down tilts are both rather quick, and their low knockback allow them to start or extend combos. Additionally, all his smash attacks boast respectable power, with his forward smash KOing Mario at 65% at Battlefield's edge when fully charged. His aerial game is also very useful, with fast and damaging aerials, with forward aerial notable for being Bomberman's most reliable KO option.

Bomberman also sports a solid grab and throw game; despite his grab possessing short range, it is one of the fastest grabs. His up and down throw are both chain grabs, which can help him set up Bomb kills or rack up damage. His forward and back throws are good at sending opponents far offstage, where they may not be able to recover if not killing them outright.

However, Bomberman's main weakness is his large head: while it gives him good range in attacks that use it, it also acts as a large hurtbox, making him easier to hit because of this. His high falling speed also compounds this, as he is very susceptible to juggles and combos. Additionally, any attacks that do not use Bomberman's head have lackluster range, leaving him at a disadvantage to characters who possess disjointed hitboxes (i.e. Marth, Lloyd). His recovery is also very linear, as Jetpack covers very little horizontal distance in spite of its impressive vertical distance, and it does not decrease his falling speed during startup, letting other characters easily gimp him.

Overall, Bomberman's playstyle relies on his stage control abilities to overwhelm his opponent, though he must be careful when recovering or attacking without caution.


Ground attacks

Attack Description Damage
Standard attack A one-two punch followed by a headbutt. 2%
Forward tilt Kicks forward with two legs. 10%
Up tilt Kicks upward with one foot. 7%
Down tilt Sticks his foot out and slides forward. 9%
Dash attack Does a falling headbutt. High endlag. 9%
Forward smash Throws a powerful punch, exploding a bomb at the end. Its high knockback scaling makes it one of the most powerful smash attacks in the game. 15%
Up smash Uppercuts and causes an explosion. Does large knockback, though its ground hitboxes are small. 4%
Down smash Throws two bombs to the ground while doing a frontflip. 14%

Aerial attacks

Attack Description Damage
Neutral aerial Kicks forward. The early hit sends opponents forward, which can get them off the stage. The late hit is an excellent combo starter and allows for many follow-ups. 10%
Forward aerial Bashes forward with his head. Has excellent diagonal knockback, and excellent horizontal knockback if the opponent is hit with his head. 12%
Back aerial Kicks backwards with both feet. 8%
Up aerial Smacks his head upward while facing the camera. Excellent for juggling at low or mid percentages, can KO at high percentages. 11%
Down aerial Stomps twice in the air. The second hit can lead into aerials at low percentages. 5%

Grab and throws

Attack Description Damage
Grab Sticks both arms out. N/A
Pummel Headbutts the opponent. 2%
Forward throw Throws the opponent forward while falling on his face. High knockback. 10%
Back throw Spins the opponent around and throws them over his shoulder. 13%
Up throw Spins the opponent around and throws them diagonally upwards. Can chain grab fast fallers. 6%
Down throw Jumps with the opponent, throws them down and finishes with a stomp. Can chain grab fast fallers 5%

Other attacks

Attack Description Damage
Floor attack Does a sweeping roundhouse kick. 6%
Ledge attack Kicks with both legs while quickly climbing up. 13%

Special moves

Attack Name Description Damage
Standard special move Bomb Pulls out a bomb, which can be charged for greater damage and knockback and thrown in 3 directions (up, down, and forwards). Bomberman can walk and jump while charging a bomb. He cannot run, however. Lastly, bombs have a hitbox when thrown at someone, which deal the same damage as their explosion hitbox. 6%
Side special move Bomb Kick Does a quick kick, which can move bombs around. In the air, it can reflect projectiles. 8%
Up special move Jetpack Takes out a jetpack that launches him upwards. Good vertical recovery. 9%
Down special move Bomb Detonate Detonates all the bombs he has laid out on the stage. Bigger bombs deal more damage and knockback. N/A
Final Smash Revenge Cart Hops on the Bad Bomber and drops countless amounts of bombs toward the stage. Varies


Misc. Description
On-screen appearance A small bomb explodes, which he hops out of.
Taunts Standard Jumps and fist pumps.
Down/Up Spins once and makes the peace sign.
Idle pose Kicks the ground twice while blinking.
Victory theme A remix of the flourish that plays at the end of battle mode for the victorious player in Super Bomberman.
Victory pose Jumps up and puts his hands on his sides.

Changes and revisions

MG icon.svg Main article: Bomberman (Super Smash Flash 2)/Changelog

Bomberman got no changes in version 1.1, making him overall worse in the meta, as most other characters got buffed.

In competitive play

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  • Akabonba

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