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A bomb recovery is a technique in Super Smash Flash 2 in which a player extends their recovery through the usage of explosive projectiles or items. The explosive damage dealt to the character puts them out of their helpless state and allows them to regain their recovery moves. This is not possible in Super Smash Flash due to the fact characters used multiple midair jumps to recover to the stage and so they were not put in a helpless state.



Link throwing his Bomb into the air and using Spin Attack to hit himself, the bomb allows him to gain some height and use Spin Attack again.

The best way Link can use this technique is if he throws the bomb into the air and uses Spin Attack to connect with the bomb. Depending on where the bomb hits him, Link will be sent left or right and he will gain some height depending on the percentage he is at. Due to the distance spin attack covers will allow Link to recovery from far distances. Link can also perform this by letting the bomb explode while he is holding it. This can sometimes be a better solution then tossing the bomb into the air and spin attack into because while holding the bomb, there is a very big chance it will explode and he will regain his up special move again.


Samus can use her bombs to give her height when they explode next to her. Unlike Link's bombs, Samus's bombs will not harm her at all. While performing the move, Samus' falling speed will decrease a little, which can help her move horizontally. Thanks to her excellent air speed, this can be very useful. However, unlike in Melee, her bombs will not explode on contact and she will just have to wait for her bombs to explode in order to gain height.


Comparing to the other two types of bomb recovering, Peach's is absurdly impractical: unlike Link's or Samus' bombs, Peach's bomb relies on randomness; she has to pull a Bob-omb with her Vegetable special move. Further, she has to have the Bob-omb out before she needs it for recovering, because Vegetable can only be used on the ground.

Even if Peach does manage to pull the Bob-omb and need to use it to recover, she still has to throw it upwards, allowing opponents to grab the bomb via their air dodges in the long time it takes for the thrown item to return to her.

If Peach manages to throw the bomb and hit her, there is still one more issue: Bob-omb's knockback is huge, and it sends players at a horizontal angle. This means that Peach will most likely be KO'd after the bomb hits her, and her horizontal recovery is already great, making her bomb recovery mostly useless.