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Bomb Detonate
SSF2 Bomberman - Bomb Detonate.png
Bomberman symbol.svg
Bomberman using Bomb Detonate.
Universe Bomberman
User(s) Bomberman (Super Smash Flash 2)
Effect Bomberman presses down on a remote and explodes all bombs placed.

Bomb Detonate is Bomberman's down special move in Super Smash Flash 2.


When performed, Bomberman slams his hand down onto a Remote Control, which causes all bombs on the stage to explode; damage and knockback depend on the level of charge each bomb has accumulated. This move is an important part of Bomberman's moveset, since this attack is used to detonate the bombs that are placed with Bomb, used in conjunction with Bomb Kick for positioning.


The Remote Control item as seen in the Bomberman games.

In the Bomberman games, the bombs placed by Bomberman explode shortly after being placed. However, there is an item called the Remote Control that he can obtain, which appears as a heart with a bomb in the center. It allows the player to detonate bombs on command, making it easier to finish enemies off, though if another bomb explodes next to a remote control one, it will explode anyways.

When placing bombs with the Remote Control item, they usually have a different appearance than normal bombs. They tend to look more like a mine, and sometimes they have a small antenna on top.



Early design

Bomberman's special moves
Neutral special move Bomb
Side special move Bomb Kick
Up special move Jetpack
Down special move Bomb Detonate
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