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Samus Bomb Beta
Metroid symbol
Samus using Bomb.
Universe Metroid
User(s) SSF2 Samus head
Effect Samus enters her Morph Ball form and plants a small bomb, which explodes after a few moments and damages opponents hit.

Bomb (ボム) is Samus's down special move in Super Smash Flash 2.


When performed, Samus goes into her Morph Ball form and hops up a bit, laying a small purple bomb as she does. Once planted, the bomb will drop down, bouncing on the ground if it lands, and flash yellow a few times before exploding. The bomb will also explode upon making contact with an opponent. The explosion deals 7% flame damage and weak upward knockback to opponents hit The bomb itself does no damage to Samus when it explodes, but it sends her upward. It does 7% against an opponent.

While in her Morph Ball, Samus can move left or right for a short time. If Samus touches the ground in this form, she will move much faster, allowing her to traverse the stage easier after using the move.


Bomb sliding

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Bomb sliding

Samus performing a Bomb sliding.

Bomb sliding is a technique that allows Samus to travel at high speed in any direction after setting a bomb. She can allow mix-ups and mind games.


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Bombs have been standard in all Metroid games and are a common tool for puzzle solving. In many Metroid games, Samus can use the explosion from a laid bomb to launch herself up if she is in Morph Ball mode. This is usually required for certain jumps into tight spaces only the Morph Ball mode can traverse through. Due to their low damage output, bombs are a weapon of last resort. Unlike their appearance in the Metroid games, bombs are affected by gravity in SSF2, in that they fall to the ground rather than staying stationary if laid in the air.



Early designs


Samus' special moves
Standard special move Charge Shot
Side special move Missile
Up special move Screw Attack
Down special move Bomb
Final Smash Zero Laser
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