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Bob-omb Toss
SSF2 Sandbag - Bob-omb Toss.png
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Sandbag using Bob-omb Toss.
Universe Super Smash Bros.
User(s) Sandbag (Super Smash Flash 2)
Effect Sandbag tosses a Bob-omb onto itself that blows up and launches it upward.

Bob-omb Toss is Sandbag's up special move in Super Smash Flash 2.


When performed, Sandbag pulls a Bob-omb out from itself and then lightly tosses it upward. Sandbag then cowers and closes its eyes as the Bob-omb falls onto ot, blowing itself up with it. This deals 18% recoil flame damage and huge upwards knockback to both Sandbag and any nearby opponents, albeit less damage and knockback than with a Bob-omb used as an item. However, if an opponent gets hit by the Bob-omb before it hits Sandbag, or if Sandbag gets attacked on the ground before the Bob-omb can hit it, the Bob-omb will prematurely explode with 27% flame damage and much higher knockback, the same as what the Bob-omb deals as an item, to both Sandbag and any opponents in range. If Sandbag gets attacked in the air before the Bob-omb can hit it, it will drop the Bob-omb, which will plummet straight down and explode on contact with anything.

With both explosions, Sandbag launches farther depending on how much damage is accumulated, and having enough damage may easily result in a sacrificial KO. While the stronger explosion launches Sandbag normally, the weaker explosion has a fixed knockback angle upwards and backwards, which can be used to help Sandbag recover from great distances. The angle it is launched at can also be influenced with the directional inputs, but while it can be greatly influenced backwards, attempting to influence it forwards will only launch Sandbag straight up at most.

If Sandbag attempts to use the move either during invincibility frames or while holding an item that is not a Bob-omb, the move will fail and Sandbag will be put into a helpless state.


Bomb canceling

Sandbag using a bomb cancel in order to KO Ichigo on Dream Land.

Bomb canceling is a technique that allows Sandbag to hit other players with its Bob-omb without harming itself in the process. The technique occurs when Sandbag gets hit, or goes from a grounded state to an airborne one during Bob-omb Toss.

However, it can be easily performed by using Sanddash into a platform, then cancelling the attack with Bob-omb Toss; making Sandbag briefly touch the ground before falling off the platform once again. Sandbag will be helpless after falling from the platform, due to how Bob-omb Toss is coded.

Sandbag using a platform dash in order to bomb cancel.

Another method to perform a bomb cancel is by cancelling a platform dash into a Bob-omb Toss while standing on a platform. While this method is more consistent than the method explained above, it requires more skill in order to be executed.

Bomb regrab

Sandbag successfully performing the technique on Battlefield.
An opponent managing to grab the Bob-omb before Sandbag, on Hyrule Castle.
Sandbag performing the bomb regrab tech (top), and Sandbag's bomb being grabbed by a foe (bottom).

The bomb regrab, coined by player CraftGMC[1], is a technique that can be performed after executing a bomb cancel, making Sandbag grab the Bob-omb like a normal item, similarly to Peach's Vegetable and Link's bomb. It is executed by fast falling right after a bomb cancel happens, and, after Sandbag lands on the ground, pressing the attack button at the correct timing. Failing to time the button press properly may cause Sandbag to get blown up, and trying to perform this on a hard platform such as Final Destination's will cause a self-destruct. Opponents can grab the Bob-omb as well if they air dodge before attempting to grab the item.


Sandbag performing the Springing tech.

Springing is a technique that can be performed with Bob-omb Toss while holding an item that is not a Bob-omb. It is performed by dashing and then pressing the up special move command, causing Sandbag to move forward quickly while in a helpless state.

Albeit somewhat useful, the soaping tech, performed by simply dash canceling at a fixed rate, has many more applications, because it does not require items or leave Sandbag helpless.


Kirby attacking Sandbag to cause items to fall from it in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Bob-omb Toss is based mostly off of Sandbag's main function in both Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, where Sandbag appears as a regular item during gameplay. When a Sandbag is attacked heavily enough, confetti will appear from it and it has a chance to drop any other item, which includes Bob-ombs, repeatedly until it eventually disappears. In SSF2, this is referenced in how Sandbag is able to take a Bob-omb out from himself like an item being knocked out of him normally, though no confetti appears. Capsule Spawn and Home-Run Combo reference the same property.

The sheer destructiveness and massive risk of this move is a reference to the Bob-omb's notoriety as an item, being that its explosion deals some of the highest damage and knockback of any item in the Super Smash Bros. games, as well as SSF2, and can easily lead to a sacrificial KO, much like with any explosive item.

Overall, part of Sandbag's status as a joke character means that it knows the destructive power of a Bob-omb and cannot recover in many other ways, meaning it has to forcefully blow itself up to gain much height.



Early design


Sandbag's special moves
Neutral special move Capsule Spawn
Side special move Sandgrab
Up special move Bob-omb Toss
Down special move Sanddash
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