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Blue Falcon
Blue Falcon
F-Zero symbol
Captain Falcon using Blue Falcon.
Universe F-Zero
User(s) SSF2 Captain Falcon head
Type Trapping
Effect The Blue Falcon is called as it crashes through the stage, sending anyone hit by it to an unknown track to get run over by it for massive knockback.

Blue Falcon (ブルーファルコン) is Captain Falcon's Final Smash in Super Smash Flash 2.


When performed, Captain Falcon summons his ship, the Blue Falcon, and has it fly past him a short distance in front of him. If it hits any opponents, Captain Falcon will then board the Blue Falcon and they will land helplessly on a racetrack. Captain Falcon then appears piloting the Blue Falcon and runs the opponents over, causing them to fly outward from where they were hit on the stage. The move deals 42% damage and massive knockback to opponents hit, and it can one-hit KO under many circumstances.

The move will fail if the Blue Falcon does not initially hit any opponents, distressing Captain Falcon for a moment.


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The Blue Falcon is the ship Captain Falcon uses to race with in every F-Zero game to date, and as Captain Falcon is playable from the start in all of them, so is the Blue Falcon. The design used in SSF2 is most similar to its design in F-Zero GX, though it also features characteristics from its other incarnations. The Final Smash itself is reminiscent of the gameplay of F-Zero, in which racers ride at extreme speeds along a large racetrack.

This ship is one of the most well-rounded vehicles in the racing tour. The Blue Falcon's machine number was originally 111, but in F-Zero X, the number had changed to 7, and to 07 in F-Zero GX; 111 is binary for the number seven.




  • The Blue Falcon also appears in SSF2 in Captain Falcon's on-screen appearance.
  • There is an error with this Final Smash in which the Blue Falcon misses opponents. Captain Falcon's initial animation does not finish before he is shown distressed, in which case two Captain Falcons can be seen at once.
  • Prior to v0.9a of the SSF2 Demo, the Blue Falcon would also drag opponents it runs over on the racetrack before knocking them back.
  • If the player changes Captain Falcon's color, the Blue Falcon will be a different color as well.
Captain Falcon's special moves
Standard special move Falcon Punch
Side special move Raptor Boost
Up special move Falcon Dive
Down special move Falcon Kick
Final Smash Blue Falcon
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