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This article is about a common level structure in the Yeah Jam Fury series. For the common stage structure in the Super Smash Flash series, see Platform.

Official artwork of Yellow Blocks in Yeah Jam Fury: U, Me, Everybody!.

Blocks are the common feature in the Yeah Jam Fury series that makes up the floor, walls, and ceilings on levels for the three playable characters, Yeah, Jam, and Fury, to interact with. Blocks are square in shape and small in size, and each is depicted with a solid color and a face, both of which vary between types of blocks. Each block has different properties, but they all can be stood on and cannot be passed through by the playable characters.

Due to their importance in the Yeah Jam Fury series, blocks are one of the most prominent and recognizable aspects of it. Both games commonly feature blocks and their design elements in various ways outside of gameplay, including their logos, promotional materials, menus, and user interfaces.

Types of blocks

There are four types of blocks across both games in the series, with Yeah Jam Fury containing three (only two in its original browser release) and its follow-up Yeah Jam Fury: U, Me, Everybody! containing three. It should be noted that the type of level they appear in affects their appearance.

Yellow Block

UME Yellow Block 1.png

Also called Normal Blocks and Yeah Blocks, Yellow Blocks are yellow in color and the most common type of blocks in both games. They are often seen with wide smiles, but they also look in the direction of the player character when he stands atop them, to the side of them, or when falling off of the level, and they tremble when Fury walks. Their unique trait in most levels is Yeah's ability to store a finite number of them in a quota, which he can then place in a nearby empty location. Once placed, they can then be destroyed by Fury's punch or falling weight to be added to the quota. Additionally, the walls of these blocks can be climbed and boosted off of by Jam.

Steel Block

UME Lead Block 1.png

Also called Gray Blocks and Lead Blocks, Steel Blocks are gray in color and have angry faces that almost never change. Their main unique trait is their complete indestructibility, making them common in levels with many platforms or walls. Another unique trait is their ability to store checkpoints: if the character falls off of a level, they will refoot on the most recent Steel Block that he stood on. In Yeah Jam Fury: U, Me, Everybody!, this is indicated by a more scrunched angry face on the block. Like with Yellow Blocks, the walls of these blocks can be climbed and boosted off of by Jam.

Ice Block

UME Ice Block 1.png

Ice Blocks are introduced in Yeah Jam Fury: U, Me, Everybody! and are bright blue in color with slight transparency, and the faces are always shivering and exhaling visible air. Their main unique trait is their lack of traction, as they cause the character to slide when walking (with the exception of Fury). The walls also cannot be climbed or boosted off of by Jam, though he can still boost when standing. Like Yellow Blocks, they can also be destroyed by Fury.

Certain B-Side levels incorporate Ice Blocks into Yeah's quota, replacing Yellow Blocks in what blocks he can place. However, these Ice Blocks cannot refill the quota once destroyed, as this function is still exclusive to Yellow Blocks.

Music Block

Music C Block.png
The C variation.
The D variation.
The E variation.
The F variation.
The G variation.
The A variation.
The B variation.
The C2 variation.
The eight Music Block variations being played.

Music Blocks are introduced in the 2022 rerelease of Yeah Jam Fury and are exclusive to the game's Stage Builder mode. These blocks feature a piano on their fronts and a smiling face with a closed mouth underneath. There are eight different variations, with each corresponding to a specific color and key on the piano: C (red), D (orange), E (yellow), F (green), G (cyan), A (blue), B (violet), and C2 (purple). Upon touching any side of them, they open their smiling mouths and play the note on the key they correspond to. When stepped on, they will also play the notes of up to two additional Music Blocks directly beneath them. Like Yellow Blocks, they can also be destroyed by Fury, causing them to turn gray and frown before disappearing.


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