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This article is about Black Mage's appearance in Super Smash Flash 2. For general information about the character, see Black Mage.
Black Mage
in Super Smash Flash 2
SSF2 Black Mage
Black Mage's official pixel art.
Stock icon SSF2 Black Mage head
Availability Starter
Weight class Medium
Final Smash Random Encounter
Tier F (39)

Black Mage is a newcomer starter character in Super Smash Flash 2. Black Mage is the first bonus character to appear in SSF2, as his appearance was not slated for the game's initial planification. His sprites are custom made and based on his appearance in FINAL FANTASY. He mainly uses devastating black magic to combat his opponents, but as an extra, he also uses Blue Magic, as seen in his "Goblin Punch" and "Chocobo Kick" attacks.

Black Mage is ranked 39th on the tier list. Black Mage is one of the best edge guarders in the game due to the large variety of tools he can use to cover almost any attempt to guard break him. He has a solid aerial game and a very strong grab game; he also possesses a command grab with a large range that can hit most downed opponents, and a variety of KO moves. Black Mage has the unique ability to change the form of his smash attacks by fully charging them, effectively increasing their range and even turning two of them into projectiles.

However, Black Mage has a rather weak neutral game due to his below-average movement speed and over-reliance on forward aerial, forward tilt, forward smash, and back aerial. Similarly, most of his finishers are rather slow and his combos are easy to drop, giving him a steeper learning curve due to a greater emphasis on precision and reading the opponent. Black Mage has only average mobility overall, allowing faster characters such as Captain Falcon and Fox to completely outpace him. Moreover, he has difficulty fighting against characters with greater reach than his or those possessing lots of disjointed hitboxes, such as Lloyd and Donkey Kong. Black Mage is also brought down by his recovery, which covers a long distance, but is very predictable and easy to gimp, as he is effectively open to attacks until he gets his teleport into place. He also has below average accelerated falling speed, which allows him to be KO'd vertically early.

Though his strengths are not to be underestimated, his learning curve is steep and only players who have truly mastered the character can use him effectively. Black Mage's array of problems have only become increasingly more apparent as the meta has developed. He also has disadvantageous matchups against most of the higher-ranked characters, keeping him out of higher tiers.


MG icon See also: Black Mage (Super Smash Flash 2)/Hard data

Black Mage uses devastating black magic in his attacks. Black Mage is a medium-weight character with below average accelerated falling speed, who has good range in most of his attacks with many of them having disjointed range. He has KO moves in his forward and up smash, dash attack (which grants him Super Armor), forward throw, back throw, back air, down air, and Haste. His fully-charged smash attacks cover great distances, for instance, his down smash makes it difficult for opponents to land or can force them into the air or into shield, setting them up to be grabbed or walled out with forward aerials; his forward smash is a large projectile]and is great for making it difficult for opponents to recover, as well as also being an outstanding kill move and combo tool; as for his up smash, it has great potential to KO opponents early off the ceiling of the stage and has impressive vertical range that can even hit opponents on the top platforms of Battlefield or Galaxy Tours. Black Mage has good priority and reach in his aerials giving him a solid aerial game with his neutral aerial being an outstanding combo starter, forward aerial being a good combo extender and approach tool, back aerial being an excellent combo extender and kill move, up aerial being useful for juggles, and down aerial having great potential to kill opponents early especially when sweetspotted

Black Mage is one of the best edgeguarders in the game and his guard is hard to break. Black Mage can use Stop to freeze and reflect projectiles giving him a way to nullify most characters projectile camping; it also paralyzes his opponents who come in contact leaving them open(depending on how long stop has been charged). Ironically, he himself also suffers from being easy to edgeguard, and being offstage is a very disadvantageous position for Black Mage to be in especially against characters with great edge games such as Lloyd.

Black Mage has a good grab game, despite possessing the seventh shortest grab in the current demo. His down throw can potentially chain into itself and set up tech chases, two kill throws in his forward throw and back throw, and his up throw being a good combo starter; he also possesses a command grab with a large range that can hit most downed opponents. He is also able to chain grab with his down throw at low percents and can allow him to rack up a lot of damage on his opponent. His up throw can be a good combo starter. His forward and back throw can kill at high percentages and his forward throw can set up his excellent edge guarding ability.

However, Black Mage suffers from average mobility which allows characters with better mobility to rush him down. (ex. Captain Falcon and Fox). Even with having a pseudo wavedash; due to Black Mage's high traction it is very short and not very useful for mobility.

Warp, although giving him a long recovery, is easily predictable because the opponent knows where he is going to land based on the green circle, and can punish him easily for recovering.

He has problems dealing with characters who can really camp him out and Stop can only reflect one projectile on one side at a time. A prime example of this would be Fox's Blaster; Fox's Blaster is fast, can be spammed, covers a good distance and does not make the opponent flinch so even when reflected it will not deter Fox from projectile camping Black Mage. Also combined with his poor mobility gives him less options on how to prevent camping.

Black Mage also has low accelerated falling speed, which makes him more susceptible to getting KO'd off the top boundary than most characters. He also has problems dealing with characters who posses better range and high priority attacks.


Ground attacks

Attack Name Description Damage Knockback Priority Total frames Active frames
Standard attack N/A Right jab, followed by a left jab. 2% 21, 55, 25° 2 9 4-6
5% 45, 55, 25° 11
Forward tilt Swings his staff forwards. 8% 28, 96, 30° 3 12 4-7
Up tilt Goblin Punch Does a Goblin Punch above himself in an arc. 9% 42, 80, 85° 4 14 2-7
Down tilt N/A Does a low stab with a knife. 7% 30, 88, 30° 2 14 3-9
Dash attack Petrify Turns himself to stone before falling on the floor. Grants him super armor. 14% 35, 90, 35° 4 36 11-14
6% 35, 60, 30° 15-19
Forward smash Thundara Fires a bolt of lightning directly in front of him. Strong but slow. 14% 38, 80, 40° 5 37 19-36
Thundaga Creates a pillar of lightning that advances across the entire stage. 0% N/A 69 58
20% 63, 28, 35° 6 65 10-39
Up smash Fira Performs a rising fire uppercut, similar to traditional fighters' dragon punches. 15% 42, 93, 89° 5 22 13-16
5% 2 22-28
Firaga Creates two pillars of fire on either side that move towards him, creating a bigger flame when they collide. 1% 45, 93, 160° -1 110 45-62/65
5% 100, 100, 90° 70-78
Down smash Blizzara Creates ice crystals on the floor adjacent to him, freezing enemies on hit. 9% 50, 85, 90° 5 32 16-26
Blizzaga Creates ice crystals that travel along the floor until they reach an edge. 0% N/A 68 57, 58
3% 56, 95, 25° 4 27 8-20

Aerial attacks

Attack Name Description Damage Knockback Priority Total frames Active frames
Neutral aerial N/A Spins around in a great fireball. 2% 0, 50, 70, 110° 2 20 4-16
63, 80, 45° 17-18
Forward aerial Chocobo Kick Hits forward with a Chocobo Kick. Can be used to pseudo wavedash. 9% 49, 90, 50° 3 14 4-9
Back aerial N/A Stabs behind him with a knife. Powerful semi-spike. 9% 35, 100, 150° 3 17 3-5
6% 35, 100, 125° 6-11
Up aerial Flood Fires a stream of water upwards. Good for juggling. 10% 35, 95, 90° -1 14 3-8
Down aerial Death
Swipes downwards in an arc with a scythe. Hitting when it flashes red makes Death appear. 6% 45, 50, 270° 4 20 6-12, 8
Death hovers near the opponent for about 3 seconds before striking with a powerful meteor smash. 6% 80, 60, 270° 7 98 90-98

Grab and throws

Attack Name Description Damage Knockback Priority Total frames Active frames
Grab N/A Grabs the opponent. N/A 15 4
Pummel Stabs opponent. 1% N/A 10 5
Forward throw Aero Creates a small tornado to lift the opponent up, then hurls them forward. 1% 80, 100, 10° -1 37 6-26
3% 80, 100, 25° 27-29
Back throw Quake Causes a pillar of earth to jut out of the ground, hitting the opponent. 0% N/A 44 28
8% 65, 125, 130° -1 24 8-15
Up throw 1000 Needles Changes his hat into a Cactuar and pelts the opponent with a stream of needles. 1% 10, 8, 66° -1 42 21-34
4% 63, 85, 95° 35-36
Down throw Bio Poisons the opponent with his staff, dealing damage over time. 1% 40, 120, 40° -1 38 17-26
4% 33-34
1% N/A 300 N/A

Other attacks

Attack Name Description Damage Knockback Priority Total frames Active frames
Floor attack N/A Swings staff on both sides. 5% 111, 50, 30° 3 24 9-11
Ledge attack Hits forward with his staff. 8% 0, 100, 110, 30° -1 27 12-17

Special moves

Attack Name Description Damage Knockback Priority Total frames Active frames
Standard special move Stop Creates a clock-esque circle around him that paralyzes opponents and reflects projectiles. Can be charged for longer stun. 0% N/A 7 25 12-15
Side special move Haste Casts a spell that traps the opponent in a series of quick combos with his staff and fists, sending them flying with the last blow. Huge lag if missed. 0% -1 43 4-18
1% 61 4-5, 8-9, 12-13, 16-17, 20-21, 24-25
2% 30, 34, 38, 42
6% 75, 85, 32° 48-49
Up special move Warp Conjures a small green ring that can be slightly controlled. Teleports to the green ring if the button is released or max distance is reached. 0% N/A 37 N/A
Down special move Meteor Summons a meteor which can be charged, making it both bigger and stronger. It moves in a diagonal downwards path when released, causing an explosion if it collides with something, and it can be angled by pressing up or down 0% 35 11, 29
5-14% 35, 100, 45° 6 12 1-12
92, 60, 40° 15 2-8
Final Smash Random Encounter Summons several monsters on-stage that attack opponents which culminates with a huge explosion called "Flare". 2-11%


Misc. Description
On-screen appearance Gets chosen from a list of FINAL FANTASY classes and jumps onto the arena. Based on the character creation screen from the original FINAL FANTASY.
Taunts Standard Spins and raises a hand into the air while some fanfare from the FINAL FANTASY victory theme plays.
Side Does a similar pose like when he casts Stop, then raises his arms victoriously.
Down/Up Plays the FINAL FANTASY theme on a lute. If under the effect of a Metal Box, however, a metal remix of the FINAL FANTASY victory theme plays.
Idle poses Scratches his nose.
Victory theme A remix of the victory theme from the FINAL FANTASY series.
Victory pose Jumps onto his floating scepter and folds his arms while a large red, yellow, green, or blue crystal orbits around him; the color varies depending on which player slot the Black Mage was in.

Changes from v0.9a

MG icon Main article: Black Mage (Super Smash Flash 2)/Changelog

Black Mage has received a mix of buffs and nerfs. Black Mage benefits from the lower hitstun due to being less susceptible to combos while being able to combo like last demo. Black Mage is seen as a more effective character.

Ground attacks

  • Buff Dash attack does more knockback.
    • Buff The super armor granted on the move last longer and does not end until Black Mage is up after a few frames.
  • Buff Fully charged up smash is stronger.

Aerial attacks

  • Buff Forward aerial does more knockback.

Grab and throws

  • Buff Back throw is stronger.

Special moves

  • Nerf Stop has more ending lag.

In competitive play

Match ups

Notable players

Tier placement history

Initially, Black Mage was considered to be the best character in the game upon his introduction in demo v0.7, due to his disproportionately strong attacks and high kill power. However, in the weeks that followed, he was severely nerfed, causing him to fall to the bottom of the tier list. In demo v0.9a, he finally crawled out of the low tiers due to a number of buffs he received. In demo v0.9b, he was initially seen as a very strong character, placing 8th overall. However, as the meta progressed, his flaws became increasingly more visible, causing him to fall six places, from the top to the bottom of A Tier.

In Super Smash Flash 2 Beta, Black Mage has fallen from his place as a mid-tier character from 0.9b, now ranking 31st on the tier list out of 39, placing him in the middle of C+ tier just above Sonic and Bandana Dee. At Super Smash Con 2017, a new patch was introduced that added Pichu to the roster of playable characters, and may also have contained changes to Black Mage.



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Early designs



  • Black Mage is the only character whose fully charged smash attacks are different from his non-charged smash attacks.
  • Black Mage could be unlocked in demo v0.7 by playing 10 battles on Brawl mode, then beating him in a duel on Chaos Shrine. Doing this also unlocked the latter stage.
    • However, there was also a glitch that could be performed to unlock him earlier, which was done by setting the computer in the player 3 slot to Lloyd and the player playing as Kirby; going to the Tower of Salvation stage, the player must use Inhale on Lloyd and then spit him out, which resulted in Lloyd being trapped in the Star form. The player then must self-destruct until they ran out of stocks, and then would be able to fight and unlock Black Mage.
  • Black Mage, along with Falco, Captain Falcon, Marth, Isaac, Sonic, and Mega Man are the only characters so far who wear their default costumes in Team Battle when they are on the blue team.
  • Black Mage and Mega Man are the only characters so far whose normal attacks act as projectiles. In Black Mage's case, his fully charged forward smash.
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