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Bankai Ichigo
Bankai Ichigo
Bleach symbol
Ichigo while transforming into Bankai Ichigo.
Universe Bleach
User(s) SSF2 Ichigo head
Type Transformation[1]
Effect Ichigo transforms into his Bankai form, making him more powerful.

Bankai Ichigo, also known simply as Bankai (卍解), was originally Ichigo's Final Smash in Super Smash Flash 2 prior to Beta 1.2, where it was replaced by Mugetsu.


When performed, Ichigo would concentrate his spiritual energy and envelop himself in a dark, massive whirlwind-like explosion that deals 25% damage and high knockback to opponents hit. When it would disappear, his Zanpakutō would be transformed into Tensa Zangetsu and Ichigo himself would be temporarily transformed into his Bankai form. Bankai Ichigo was one of the many "Final Forms" in the game, which means he was much different from his normal form and had greatly improved attributes, such as more powerful attacks and increased knockback resistance.

As a Final Form, Bankai Ichigo excelled in his speed, possessing one of the fastest dashes in the game. Bankai Ichigo also had a floating ability and could midair jump infinitely. This, coupled with his good aerial attacks, made him a less "slippery" character when it came to controlling him in the air or jumping. He had two aerials, down and forward, that would meteor smash and semi-spike opponents without any need of a sweet spot. However, his aerial attacks had a long start-up lag.


Ground attacks

Attack Description Damage
Standard attack In front of himself, Ichigo slashes vertically, then horizontally. Afterwards, he moves forward slightly and does an 180-degree slash. The blade slows slightly when hitting backwards, making Ichigo prone to six o' clock (from the behind) counterattacks. Ichigo's arcing blade hits an opponent multiple times, but one hit will always deal the same amount of damage. 12%
Forward tilt Slashes vertically above his head with his sword in an arc. 12%
Forward smash Slashes vertically from up to down. Very powerful in terms of knockback. 17%–24%
Up tilt Stabs with his sword in front of him diagonally upwards. Despite the sword going upwards, opponents can still be hit if they are standing in front of Ichigo, even if the blade does not come close to touching them. 8%
Up smash A stronger but (only slightly) slower version of his up tilt. Massive knockback. 15%–21%
Down tilt Slashes horizontally while crouching. 5%
Down smash Lifts his sword in the air, then thrusts it into the ground, releasing a wide blast of Hollow energy. Similar in appearance to normal Ichigo's down smash, but black in color and with a much larger ground range. 12%–22%
Dash attack Slashes forward in a short distance. This attack is fast and the slash is the same as his forward tilt. 12%

Aerial attacks

Attack Description Damage
Neutral aerial Slashes horizontally in front of him. 10%
Forward aerial Slashes horizontally to downward swiftly, the blade adapting a hammer-like motion as it goes downwards. This move semi-spikes enemies diagonally when the blade goes downwards. Very fast, and the Meteor Smash is usually lethal when used offstage. The aerial causes Ichigo to slightly levitate off the ground as he executes it, and the speed of his move means he could effortlessly spam this aerial when off the stage, making it one of Bankai Ichigo's most integral KO moves. 11%
Back aerial Slashes vertically above his head with his sword in a complete 180-degree front-to-backward arc while turning backwards. Very good vertical knockback. 11%
Up aerial Same as his Up Smash/Tilt. Rather poor range for juggling, but more than enough upwards knockback power to make up for it. 11%
Down aerial Briefly teleports, halting his falling momentum and slashes downwards with his sword in a wide arc. This move is an extremely powerful meteor smash and is very effective in using to fatally meteor smash opponents off the stage. Great finisher/spammer due to its speed, large hitbox, and how Ichigo halts in midair when using it. 16%

Grab and throws

Attack Description Damage
Grab Reaches out a hand out to grab. Not very good grab range, but it lasts a long time and hapless opponents can run into it and be grabbed. N/A
Pummel Slashes, very fast pummel. 5%
Forward throw Slashes opponent forwards; identical to forward smash. 12%
Back throw Yanks the opponent behind him and uses a backwards version of his Forward Throw. 14%
Up throw Stabs opponent into the air; identical to forward smash. 9%
Down throw Stabs his sword into the ground and exposes the victim to a powerful blast of spiritual energy; identical to his down smash but it does not meteor smash nor hit any other opponents despite the wide blast range. 9%

Other attacks

Attack Description Damage
Ledge attack Rolls out and slashes forward. 9%

Special moves

Attack Name Description Damage
Standard special move Kuroi Getsuga Bankai Ichigo swings his sword downward, releasing a strong crescent moon-shaped wave of energy. 3%–34%
Side special move Yami Shunpō Bankai Ichigo dashes forward and disappears for a moment before performing a slash. 12%
Up special move Tenbu Renjin Bankai Ichigo dashes diagonally upwards, rapidly slashing opponents he makes contact with. 54%
Down special move Multislash Bankai Ichigo performs a series of quick slashes with a black aura around him. 21%


Misc. Description
Taunts Standard Floats in midair and says: "Omae o kiru ze" (「お前を斬るぜ。」).
Down/Up A half of his Hollow mask grows on his face, making him controlled by his Inner Hollow and he begins to laugh, but rips it off before it completely controls him. 
Victory pose Holds his sword sideways at hip level and stands on the ground with his back turned to the camera, looking over his shoulder as the lower "cape" of his outfit blows in the wind. This is the same stance that Ichigo took when he first used his Bankai in the Bleach anime.
Lose Gasps for breath while on his knees. This is the same animation that occurs when Bankai Ichigo's shield breaks, leaving him stunned
Special Abilities Can use Tenbu Renjin infinite times.
Can float.
Can jump infinite times.


Bankai Ichigo Origin

Ichigo's Bankai form in Bleach.

In the Bleach franchise, Bankai is the second and final form of a Zanpakutō. Only the strongest Shinigami can use it, and it is the ultimate technique of a Zanpakutō. To achieve this form, one must be able to materialize and subjugate their Zanpakutō spirit, meaning the wielder needs to summon it into the physical world. It usually takes ten years or more to achieve, plus the experience needed to master it, but Ichigo was able to achieve it in just three days with Yoruichi's training. The power and forms of Bankai vary according to the wielder's strength and training, but in general, one's power can grow five to ten times greater by attaining it. Because Ichigo is a very special Shinigami, Bankai power multipliers could be much larger.





Bankai Ichigo is on fire

Ness using PK Fire on Bankai Ichigo.

  • When hit with a flame attack, Bankai Ichigo would be completely enveloped in a giant ember instead of just letting off puffs of fire.
  • Prior v0.2a of the SSF2 Demo, Bankai Ichigo used an uncharged form of Kuroi Getsuga as his down special move rather than Multislash.


  1. The "Transformation" category is retroactively applied to this Final Smash due to not having an official category.
Ichigo's special moves
Standard special move Getsuga Tenshō
Side special move Engetsuzan
Up special move Kōtei-ki Tōshin
Down special move Gazan
Final Smash Mugetsu
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