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This article is about Bandana Dee's appearance in Super Smash Flash 2. For the character in other contexts, see Bandana Dee.
Bandana Dee
in Super Smash Flash 2
SSF2 Bandana Dee
Kirby symbol
Universe Kirby
Stock icon SSF2 Bandana Dee head
Availability Starter
Weight class Light
Final Smash Flare Beam
Tier C (26)

Bandana Dee is a playable newcomer starter character in Super Smash Flash 2 who was revealed during the Day 3 stream at Super Smash Con 2016. He hails from the Kirby series and, like PAC-MAN, is a character who originally appeared as an Assist Trophy. His sprites are heavily edited from Kirby Super Star Ultra to give him his appearance from Kirby's Return to Dream Land.

Bandana Dee is ranked 26th on the current tier list, putting him at the middle of low tier. Bandana Dee has a great combo game and also has a decent edgeguarding game, three midair jumps, a powerful spike options. However, he suffers from a lack of kill power, with his main KO moves being hard to land due to moderate starting lag and often relying on hard reads to pick up the KO. He also struggles greatly with his very low endurance, as his extremely lightweight and floatieness combined with his abysmal recovery which relies on his double jumps and low-distanced recovery makes him incredibly easy to KO. Though many of his attacks are multi-hits, some of them have significantly hampered utility due to not connecting reliably into the final hit.

Overall, Bandana Dee's strengths are mostly overshadowed by his drawbacks and this leaves him as a low mid-tier character. However, he was buffed in the most recent update, Beta 1.1, which may increase his viability in the future.


Bandana Dee is a unique character, as although he is a slow, floaty featherweight similarly to Kirby, however, unlike Kirby, his spear gives him a massive disjoint. This allows him to compensate somewhat for his slow vertical and horizontal mobility (especially in the air) by effectively spacing out foes with long-reaching tilts and aerials. He has three midair jumps, albeit very short-distanced, and a decent recovery move in Waddle Copter. This low mobility, however, gives him a hard time making it back to the stage, as his jumps are short-distanced and Waddle Copter, although great for horizontal recovery, is one of the worst vertical recovery moves in the game and easy to intercept, making his vertical recovery is one of the worst. He also has rather unimpressive endurance, as he's extremely light (even lighter than Kirby) and has low gravity, giving him not only very poor vertical endurance, but worse horizontal endurance than characters of a similar weight class due to has abysmal recovery.

He has very potent combo starters, in dash attack, up tilt, down tilt, down throw, and up throw. He can continue his combos with his good aerials, and finish a combo with a Back Aerial or Waddle Copter. This gives him a versatile combo game that allows him to string together attacks for lots of damage. He also has solid frame data on most attacks, with examples of fast moves being up tilt, Waddle Copter, and back aerial, two of which are good finishers.

His grab game is also very good: down throw is a solid combo starter that can chain grab fast fallers at low percents and KO at high percents, up throw can reliably start aerial combos at low to mid percent, forward throw can start combos at low percents and can force a sacrificial KO, and Back Throw is guaranteed to put the foe into a bad position, by either forcing them to recover low (which can easily lead into a down aerial) or forcing them into a tech chase scenario. He also has a very fast pummel, and can therefore rack up damage quickly while unstaling his moves.

However, his KO potential, despite having several solid finishers, is problematic; he struggles to pick up early KOs, as none of his highest knockback moves have KO potential on middleweights under 100%, and his main KO moves either are hard to land (back aerial and Waddle Copter), are slow (smash attacks), or simply aren't reliable finishers until very high percents (down throw). Although his grab and combo games are outstanding at low to mid percents, this is not true at high percents, as Bandana Dee cannot reliably get KO confirms without platforms at any percent, despite having a myriad of combo starters. This lack of KO potential can force Bandana Dee to rely on hard reads or edgeguarding to take a stock; however, the latter is made extremely risky by his recovery, or lack thereof.

His lackluster mobility also hurts him, as it makes his moves much harder to land, and makes it harder to start combos, catch foes, and recover. His recovery is also arguably one of his worse flaws, as it makes it very hard to access his potent edgeguarding game and makes his poor endurance even worse. This also makes him very vulnerable to meteor smashes, despite his low gravity.

Overall, Bandana Dee is a mediocre character with good strengths but is held back strongly by his lack of mobility, recovery, and KO potential. He can function well with a bait-and punish playstyle, as his KO moves deal good knockback and are useful for punishing. He can also play defensive and zone out opponents with his Wave Beam, Spear Throw, and long-ranged attacks, and stall with his multiple jumps.


Ground attacks

Attack Description Damage
Standard attack 1 Stabs with his spear forwards, at an upward angle. Jab cancels reliably into grab at most percents. 2%
Standard attack 2 Stabs with his spear forwards, at a downward angle. Can cancel into grab. 3%
Standard attack 3 Stabs with his spear forwards. More range than the other hits. 4%
Dash attack Pauses before leaping forward and spinning (along with his spear) wildly. Hits twice: the first links reliably into the second if not used at extremely close range, dealing 4%, and the second deals 7% and combos into grounded moves (notably combo starters such as neutral attack and up tilt) at low percent, for a total of 11%. 4%7%
Forward tilt Thrusts his spear forwards, after twirling it first. Has a bit of startup lag. 9%
Up tilt Swings his spear upwards in an arc. Can combo into itself, up smash, and neutral aerial at low percents. 7%
Down tilt Performs a sliding kick attack, similar to Mega Man's down tilt. Inspired by Kirby's Slide Kick in the Kirby games. He can also perform this attack in the Kirby games in which he himself is playable. Combos into up tilt, forward tilt, jab, neutral aerial, and up smash at low percents, and forward aerial at mid percents. Can also combo into up aerial, depending on the opponent's DI. 7%
Forward smash Swings his spear in front of him as it turns into a parasol. Deals good knockback. 13.5%
Up smash Places his spear on the ground, which releases some sphere-shaped beams around its tip. Can combo into itself at low percent. 1%
Down smash Slashes with great strength in front of, then behind himself. The back hit has a sourspot which deals much less damage and knockback. 14%

Aerial attacks

Attack Description Damage
Neutral aerial Does a buzzsaw-like movement with his spear, hitting opponents multiple times. Can hit up to 4 times, the first 3 dealing about 1.5%, with the last dealing 6% and some knockback, for a total of 12%. The hits don't connect very reliably, though the multi-hit can be used while landing as a combo starter at low percents. 1.5%
Forward aerial Swings his spear forwards. Power orbs will appear around the tip. A multi-hit, though doesn't connect very well. 2%
Back aerial Does a kick backwards. Decent range and does strong knockback. A fast, powerful KO aerial, KOing middleweights at around 95% at the edge of Final Destination. 12%
Up aerial Thrusts his spear upwards. Can follow-up into Spear Copter at low percent, although has fairly low utility outside of dealing damage, although it does moderate knockback. Has juggling potential due to the vertical launch angle. Has a sweetspot on frame one that deals 1% more. 13%12%
Down aerial Dives downwards with his spear while spinning around. Based on the Moon Drop from Spear's moveset in Kirby games. The looping hits connect very reliably, can be used as a combo starter when landing, and clang with recoveries such as that of Mario, which will launch the foe extremely quickly straight down when it clangs for a KO. The final hit has an extremely powerful meteor effect on aerial foes, which can also be used for a KO. Can also be used for a sacrificial KO due to the drag-down effect, meteor hitbox, and long duration. When Bandana Dee lands with this, the first few hits can cause the opponent to bounce off the ground with set knockback, allowing for setups into aerials and Waddle Copter. 2%

Grabs and throws

Attack Description Damage
Grab Reaches out with one hand. N/A
Pummel Headbutts opponent. One of the fastest Pummels in the game. 1%
Forward throw Lifts the opponent in the air and piledrives them. If the player performs this attack on the edge of a stage, Bandana Dee will fall down with the opponent, for a sacrificial KO. 9%
Back throw Lifts the opponent in the air and kicks them backwards. Very low knockback, but can be used to set up tech chases and edgeguards. If used at the edge, Bandana Dee will fall onto the ledge and grab it after the throw. 8%
Up throw Lifts the opponent upward into his parasol, twirling it several times to rack up damage. Can combo into aerials and Waddle Copter. 12%
Down throw Throws the opponent to the ground, pauses, and then performs the Megaton Punch, punching them into the ground. Will KO middleweights at around 145%. Can chain grab fast fallers until around 28%. A reference to Megaton Punch, a minigame from Kirby Super Star. 10%

Other attacks

Attack Description Damage
Floor attack Spins around with his spear. 5%
Ledge attack Stabs forward with his spear 6%

Special moves

Special move Name Description Damage
Standard special move Beam Whip / Wave Beam Waves a staff, charging the move, then throws two sphere-like beams that circle around each other, while pushing back Bandana Dee. If uncharged, the move blasts forth a short-range beam that moves up and down. The charged version kills at the ledge at around 140%. 2%
Side special move Spear Throw Dee throws his spear. It can pin opponents to the ground if it hits with the sweetspot, setting up for a kill move. High startup. 5%
Up special move Waddle Copter Does a short jump, then glides while spinning his spear like a helicopter blade. The descent can be cancelled by pressing down, causing Dee to fall faster and enter a helpless state. Deals heavy knockback, KOing middleweights at around 100% or more. Can combo out of up throw, and at KO percent without DI for a 50/50 KO confirm. 9%
Down special move Parasol Drill / Parasol Dive If done on the ground, Dee rushes forwards with his parasol. If in the air, Dee will fall at a downwards angle while spinning the parasol below himself. Power orbs will appear around the parasol's tip in both versions. However, the aerial version lacks the grounded version's strong knockback. The grounded version will not hit opponents very close to you. 18%
Final Smash Flare Beam Unknown.


Misc. Description
On-screen appearance Floats to the ground slowly thanks to his open parasol.
Idle pose Waves his spear.
Taunts Standard Waves forward, making a pose while the 1-Up sound effect from the Game Boy Kirby titles plays.
Side Same as standard.
Down Bounces on his spear like a pogo stick 3 times.
Victory theme Remix of the flourish for Kirby's victory dance from multiple Kirby games.
Victory pose Throws his spear, catches it, then takes up the same pose as his taunt.

Update history

Overall, Bandana Dee has been buffed by the game updates. Update 1.0.3 increased the combo potential of his down tilt, while also increasing the KO potential of a lot of his moves (such as Forward smash and Forward aerial), although some of his moves had reduced damage. Update significantly buffed his KO potential by giving him a fast, powerful KO option in his Waddle Copter. Update 1.1 improved his vertical mobility and recovery, improved his jab combo, and increased Up aerial's follow-up potential.

Beta 1.0

Added to the game.

Beta 1.0.1

  • Neutral Weight decreased (78-76), making Bandana Dee easier to KO, but harder to combo.

Beta 1.0.3

  • Neutral Adjusted hitstun animation sustained during heavy knockback.
  • Buff Bandana Dee can now grab the ledge during his tumble animation.
  • Buff Down tilt has a raised angle (30-70), improving its combo potential.
  • Neutral Down tilt deals more knockback (damage: 6%-7%, base: 30-35, scaling: 50-100)
    • Buff The new knockback improves down tilt's KO potential.
    • Nerf The new knockback scaling makes it harder to follow up at high percents.
  • Buff Forward smash now deals more damage (12%-13.5%) and knockback (base: 38-42, scaling: 88-90), improving its KO potential.
  • Nerf Non-sweetspotted down smash deals less damage (13%-12%).
  • Buff Neutral aerial is now a single hit move (damage 11%, angle 45, base knockback 20, knockback scaling 100), making it easier to connect.
  • Nerf Up aerial's clean hit deals less damage (13%-12%), although its knockback scaling has been compensated (85-90). It also has a late hit/sourspot which deals 8%.
  • Buff Up aerial has increased base knockback (20-40)
  • Buff Forward aerial's first two hits use weight-based knockback (base 35-weight-based 15), making it connect slightly better at high percent.
  • Neutral Forward aerial's final hit deals more knockback (damage: 5%-6%, scaling: 100-138), drastically improving its KO potential, but reducing its combo potential at later percents.
  • Nerf Back aerial's clean hit deals less damage (12%-11.5%, although the scaling has been compensated (95-105)) and base knockback (40-35). It also has a late hit/sourspot which deals 8%.
  • Nerf Grounded Parasol Dive deals decreased damage (18%-15%), although its scaling has been compensated (80-105)
  • Buff Grounded Parasol Dive deals more base knockback (40-45), slightly improving its KO potential.
  • Buff Up throw deals less base knockback (90-50), improving its combo potential.
  • Buff Down Throw deals more damage (7%-10%), improving its KO potential.
    • Nerf The increased knockback makes it slightly harder to follow up at later percents.
  • Buff Getup attack properly deals damage.


  • Buff Waddle Copter deals significantly increased damage (9%-13%) and knockback (scaling: 68 (grounded)/55 (aerial)-90 (grounded)/80 (aerial)), significantly improving its KO potential, to the point of being one of Bandana Dee's best KO options.

Beta 1.1.0

  • Neutral No longer uses Kirby's voice when stunned.
  • Buff Jump (12 → 13.4) and double jump (11 → 12.4) have increased heights, improving his ground-to-air transition and recovery, respectively.
  • Neutral Dodge roll has increased initial speed (8 → 20), but increased deceleration (0 → 2.14)
  • Buff Getup roll has increased initial speed (16-30).
  • Neutral Gravity increased (0.85 → 1.06), increasing Bandana Dee's aerial mobility and vertical endurance, but making him more susceptible to combos and chaingrabs.
  • Buff Jab combo's first two hits link together more reliably (Jab 1: Angle 30° → 50°, BKB 8 → 15, Hitlag -1 → 4, Self Hitlag -1 → 1, Jab 2: Angle 70° → 57°, BKB 8 → 15, Hitlag -1 → 4, Self Hitlag -1 → 1), while jab 3 deals more knockback (BKB 10 → 40, Hitlag -1 → 4, Self Hitlag -1 → 1).
  • Neutral Down Tilt has increased initial momentum (10 → 13.75), although its momentum decays by 30% after 6 frames.
  • Neutral New dash attack and down aerial.
  • Neutral Neutral aerial is now a multihit again, making it harder to connect, although it deals more total damage (11% → 12%), has increased duration (19 → 22), and has a stronger final hit.
  • Neutral Foward aerial final hit knockback decreased (BKB 50 → 30, KBG 138 → 123), increasing its combo potential, but lowering its KO potential. Its hitlag is also no longer based on damage (-1 → 1).
  • Buff Up aerial now has a sweetspot when the hitbox first comes out (Damage 12% →13%, Angle 85° → 88°, BKB 40 → 45, KBG 90 → 102).
  • Neutral Beam Whip and Parasol Dive's hitlag is no longer dependant on damage (-1→1)
  • Nerf Getup attack's hitbox is slightly smaller and can no longer reverse-hit opponents.

In competitive play

Match ups

Notable players

Tier placement history

Bandana Dee has always been a low-tier character. His debut on the tier list, the Beta 1.0.2 tier list, placed him at number 33 out of 39, at the bottom of the C+ tier and as the 7th worst character in the game. This was due to his crippling lack of recovery and KO power. However, the latter was somewhat remedied by Betta, as it made Waddle Copter a powerful KO move, and he jumped up 7 spots on the tier list due to this huge change and his excellent combo game being advanced, placing him at the top of C tier, at number 26. In the future, he may rise farther, as he was buffed once more in Beta 1.1.


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