Bananas A1
Yeah standing at the start of the A-Side version of the level.
Game Yeah Jam Fury: U, Me, Everybody!
Theme Sky (Random)
Sky Night
Level number 67

Bananas is the sixty-seventh level of Yeah Jam Fury: U, Me, Everybody!. To access it, the player must clear fifty levels.



This level takes place on a small group of Steel Blocks including a small wall and ceiling in the top left corner with two more Steel Blocks to the right of the wall. The player starts at a Yeah Flag on the left of these two Steel Blocks, and a single Yellow Block is underneath the gap between them. A horizontal stretch of Steel Blocks with Ice Blocks covering the tops of them is underneath and to the right of these blocks, and the mango is at the top of the level on the other side of this stretch of blocks. There is also a Fury Flag on the right side of this stretch, which the player must pass while on the ground; passing it in the air will cause Fury to fall through the Ice Blocks, leaving the player unable to complete the level. The player then must break the Yellow Block on the left with Fury and then fall off of the level from the right side, which will allow them to refoot on the Steel Blocks near the starting point, where they then must pass the Yeah Flag.

Falling through the gap between the two Steel Blocks will lead to a group of Ice Blocks and Steel Blocks, including a wall of Ice Blocks on the left and a long horizontal stretch of both Ice Blocks and Steel Blocks with an All Flag on the left side and four Yellow Blocks on the right side. After passing the All Flag, the player must break these Yellow Blocks with Fury and then place them with Yeah in order to return to the group of blocks above and reach the mango.


The B-Side version of this level shares a nearly identical design, but not only is it now flipped horizontally, but the layout of the flags and several blocks has changed. The Yeah Flag at the start has changed to a Jam Flag, the Fury Flag is now directly beside the starting Steel Blocks, the All Flag has changed to a Yeah Flag, and an additional All Flag is now on the other side of the other side of the Yellow Blocks on the bottom stretch. The lower horizontal stretch of blocks is now completely comprised of Steel Blocks, and one of the blocks on the wall to the left of it has changed to a Steel Block as well. Additionally, the mango is now locked and can only be obtained with 5 Yellow Blocks in the player's quota, which includes every Yellow Block in the level.

To obtain it, the player first must use Jam to boost and climb onto the ceiling of Steel Blocks above the starting point and then fall from the right side to land on the span of blocks underneath. From here, they must boost off of the Steel Block on the right wall to pass the Yeah Flag and then land on the Yellow Blocks to the left, where they can then pass the All Flag and break them with Fury. The player then must place these Yellow Blocks with Yeah in order to reach the upper span of blocks again, and they must break through enough Ice Blocks with Fury to land on a Steel Block to refoot on. To collect all five Yellow Blocks, they must break the placed Yellow Blocks with Fury and fall off of the level, and then they must break the Yellow Block on the right with Fury while avoiding the Fury Flag. With all five Yellow Blocks in the quota, they must use Jam to boost past the Fury Flag and onto the Steel Blocks on the right, and then they must pass the Jam Flag. From here, they must boost onto the side of the ceiling above and then boost off of it towards the mango.




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