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Castlevania symbol
Simon using Axe to hit Peach, on Steel Diver.
Universe Castlevania
User(s) SSF2 Simon head
Effect Simon tosses a large, powerful axe in an arc forward.

Axe () is Simon's standard special move in Super Smash Flash 2.


When performed, Simon takes a large axe out and tosses it forward in an upward arc while grunting. Opponents hit by the axe are dealt large amounts of damage and knockback. If an axe lands on a platform, it will stay for a moment before disappearing, continuing to damage opponents who make contact with it.


CH Axe

Simon throwing an axe in Castlevania Chronicles.

The axe is a sub-weapon that appears in many games throughout the Castlevania series, starting with its debut title. In most games it appears in, it is a throwable weapon that travels in an arc when thrown. As with other sub-weapons, the use of axes requires hearts, which act as ammunition. Both the axes themselves and the hearts required to use them are often found by breaking candles located across the stage.

The axe used in SSF2 is most similar in appearance to the axe Simon uses in Castlevania Chronicles.

Simon's special moves
Standard special move Axe
Side special move Cross
Up special move Ring Grapple
Down special move Holy Water
Final Smash TBA
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