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Aura Storm
SSF2 Aura Storm
Pokémon symbol
Lucario using Aura Storm.
Universe Pokémon
User(s) SSF2 Lucario head
Type Focused
Effect Lucario flies up into the air and fires a beam of aura energy downwards.

Aura Storm is Lucario's Final Smash in Super Smash Flash 2.


When the special button is pressed after breaking a Smash Ball, Lucario says "Max Aura!" before flying upwards to the top of the screen and launching a beam of aura energy downwards, while he does so. The beam can be angled right and left, and anyone catch in it will rapidly take damage until the move ends, where they are launched away. Like other aura-based moves, Aura Storm deals greater damage and knockback the more damaged Lucario is.


While Aura Storm is not an actual move in the Pokémon series, the move seems to be based off of a powerful special Normal-type attack, known as Hyper Beam, which forces the user to waste a turn recharging after a successful use. Hyper Beam is mainly learnt by fully evolved Pokémon, like Lucario. It may also be based off of the Kamehameha, a move that Goku uses.



Lucario's special moves
Standard special move Aura Sphere
Side special move Force Palm
Up special move Extreme Speed
Down special move Feint
Final Smash Aura Storm
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