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Assist Trophy
SSF2 Assist Trophy
Super Smash Bros. symbol
An Assist Trophy in Super Smash Flash 2.
Universe Super Smash Bros.
Appearance Super Smash Flash 2
Item class Helping
In-game description Guest characters come to aid the fighter!

An Assist Trophy (アシストフィギュア) is an item in Super Smash Flash 2 that, when grabbed, summons a random non-playable character to aid the player who summoned it.


Assist Trophies work nearly identical to Poké Balls. However, no Pokémon come out of them, and once an Assist Trophy is grabbed, it is automatically activated, assuming the holder is standing on the ground, and not in a jump, attack or hitstun. Basically they are "guest" characters separate from the playable roster. The majority of Assist Trophies in SSF2 are undamageable, with only Metroid, Mother Brain and Starfy being able to be interrupted or otherwise hit.

List of characters released from Assist Trophies

These are the characters that are contained is assist trophies and can be released by players:

Current Assist Trophies

Character Universe Description
Dillon Dillon's Rolling Western Curls into a ball and starts rolling around, ramming on opponents.
Dr. Wright SimCity Summons a big file of skyscrapers from the ground that violently hits any opponent in the proximity.
Excitebike Excite Multiple Excitebike riders race around the stage, dealing damage to any opponent they hit.
Hammer Bro Mario Mario symbol Starts throwing hammers in direction of opponents while also occasionally jumping.
Krillin Dragon Ball Dragon Ball symbol Charges and throws five Kienzan at opponents.
Lakitu & Spinies Mario Mario symbol Throws Spiny Eggs onto the stage that hatch into Spinies, whom will start walking around, damaging any opponents they touch.
Lyn Fire Emblem Fire Emblem symbol Teleports behind an opponent and quickly delivers a powerful slash after a pause.
Metroid Metroid Metroid symbol Latches onto an opponent and gradually increases their damage for a certain time. Can be attacked to prevent it from latching.
Mother Brain Metroid Metroid symbol Summon a swarm of Rinkas that damage opponents on contact. She laters shoots her powerful Laser Brain Attacks several times that deals heavy damage on opponents. Players may stand on her container.
Nagato Naruto Naruto symbol Uses Chibaku Tensei to form big rocks and attack opponents.
Proto Man Mega Man Mega Man symbol Uses his Proto Buster (uncharged and charged) while jumping around and dashing across the stage, occasionally charging with his Proto Shield.
Rambi Donkey Kong Donkey Kong symbol Starts charging across damaging any opponent he hits. It can also serve as a platform for all players.
Riku KINGDOM HEARTS KINGDOM HEARTS symbol Jumps into the air and spins forward, traveling straight forward and back while delivering a circling slash with the Soul Eater.
Rukia Kuchiki Bleach Bleach symbol Delivers a single quick slash with her Zanpakutō that freezes opponents.
Silver the Hedgehog Sonic Sonic symbol Uses psychokinesis to hold opponents in place, rendering them vulnerable.
Starfy The Legendary Starfy Attacks by performing a series of spinning moves with short range that trap nearby opponents. Weak, but hard to defeat.
Starman EarthBound EarthBound symbol Teleports around and firing off PSI moves like PK Beam γ or PK Beam Ω.
White Mage FINAL FANTASY FINAL FANTASY symbol Conjures different white magic spells on the summoner like recovering some of his/her damage or casting a magic shield that protects him/her.

Unconfirmed Assist Trophy

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Character Universe Description
Viewtiful Joe Viewtiful Joe Fights alongside the characters using a plethora of moves, including Mach Speed and Voomerangs.

Removed Assist Trophies

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Character Universe Description
Amigo Samba de Amigo Plays Samba de Janeiro, which causes all grounded opponents except for the character who released him, to taunt uncontrollably until he leaves the screen.
Bandana Dee Kirby Kirby symbol Charges at opponents and jumps around. Very weak and can be defeated with a few weak attacks. Changed into a playable character in Beta 1.0.
Light Yagami Death Note With the help of Misa Amane, who spots one opponent, he uses the Death Note to write the name of the character previously spotted in order to KO him/her after a 10-second timer has ended. Due to his cheap nature, Light Yagami is one of the rarest Assist Trophies to appear.
PAC-MAN PAC-MAN PAC-MAN symbol Follows directions from the summoner and chomps down opponents to send them flying with high knockback. Changed into a playable character in Beta 1.0.
Renji Abarai Bleach Bleach symbol Attacks with several combos while jumping and running around the stage, culminating with his strong Bankai: Hihiō Zabimaru.



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