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This article is about the summonable characters in Fraymakers. For the summoning item in Super Smash Flash 2, see Assist Trophy.

Orcane and Octodad using Pizza and Tankman as Assists, respectively.

An Assist meter completely filled, allowing Welltaro to call upon Tankman.

Assists are characters in Fraymakers that can be called upon by a player during a match. Each player is able to select up to one Assist alongside their playable character on the character selection screen to use during a match to perform a particular action. This action is performed by filling a meter on the player's damage meter, with the amount filled depending on the damage dealt and the particular Assist, and then pressing a designated input to summon the Assist when the meter is full. The majority of Assists are non-playable characters, and all playable characters can be selected as Assists as well.

Each Assist is designed with a unique attack or effect that may be used for a variety of purposes, such as delivering a KO, extending or finishing a combo, attacking from a distance, or creating stage control, among others. Depending on the playable character, the Assist chosen can help to cover their weaknesses or supplement their strengths, or conversely it may be used to counterpick an opponent.

There are 50 unique Assists currently planned to be available in Fraymakers, in addition to all playable characters being selectable. Custom Assists can also be created using FrayTools and used by players.

List of Assists

The current official listing of Assists.

Below is a list of the 23 characters currently confirmed as Assists for the game, not counting playable characters with Assist functions, ordered by the game's official listing.

# Image Name Franchise(s) Description
1 Aine Cut-In.png Aine Renaine Aine delivers a four-hit combo with her sword that knocks opponents forward at the end.
2 Tankman Cut-In.png Tankman Newgrounds Tankman fires a bullet diagonally upward from his tank, attacking opponents it hits.
3 TBA The Shopkeeper Downwell TBA
4 Pizza Cut-In.png Pizza Chicory: A Colorful Tale Pizza moves the Brush across the stage, painting a surface that damages opponents on contact.
5 The Bard Cut-In.png The Bard Wandersong The Bard sings to form the song wheel around the player, pushing opponents back on contact.
6 Nikandreos Cut-In.png Nikandreos Apotheon Nikandreos delivers a quick, short-ranged stab and uppercut with the xiphos.
7 The Silent Cut-In.png The Silent Slay the Spire The Silent delivers a quick stab with her dagger that poisons opponents hit.
8 Captain Viridian Cut-In.png Captain Viridian VVVVVV Captain Viridian temporarily flips gravity for the player, causing them to "fall" upward.
9 Super Hexagon Cut-In.png Super Hexagon Super Hexagon Super Hexagon closes its walls in on itself, pulling in nearby opponents.
10 Lady Luck Cut-In.png Lady Luck Dicey Dungeons Lady Luck rolls dice forward that inflict status effects on opponents hit.
11 Birthday Cut-In.png Birthday King of the Hat Birthday throws his hat forward, stunning opponents that make contact with it.
12 Diogenes Cut-In.png Diogenes Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy Diogenes uses his Yosemite hammer to lunge forward across the stage, launching opponents in his path.
13 Josef Cut-In.png Josef Machinarium Josef quickly extends his body straight upward, attacking opponents in his path.
14 The Kid Cut-In.png The Kid I Wanna Be the Guy The Kid runs underneath a powerful Delicious Fruit that falls slowly downward.
15 Peppino Cut-In.png Peppino Pizza Tower Peppino runs forward to grab an opponent and throw them straight upward.
16 Rockman Cut-In.png Rockman FTL: Faster Than Light The Rockman walks slowly forward and powerfully pounds down upon contact with an opponent.
17 Fancy Pants Man Cut-In.png Fancy Pants Man Fancy Pants Adventures Fancy Pants Man jumps forward with his pencil and delivers a powerful slash to launch opponents.
18 Lea Cut-In.png Lea CrossCode Lea fires a series of VRPs that bounce off of surfaces and attack opponents in their path.
19 The Ape Cut-In.png The Ape APE OUT TBA
20 Stardrop Cut-In.png Stardrop Stardrop
Indie Pogo
21 Rhythm Doctor Cut-In.png Rhythm Doctor Rhythm Doctor Rhythm Doctor presses a button over the opponent's head on the seventh beat to knock them downward.
22 Kragg Cut-In.png Kragg Rivals of Aether Kragg raises an Earth Pillar from below that acts as a destructible platform and wall.
23 Niko Cut-In.png Niko OneShot Niko uses the Sun to create a circular field that powers up the player's attacks.



  • Initially, only 20 Assists were planned to be included in the base game. However, stretch goals reached during the Kickstarter campaign raised that number to 40 at $115,000, and then again to 50 at $245,000.
  • The mechanic of calling upon an Assist is very similar to that of the Assist Trophy in the Super Smash Bros. series and Super Smash Flash 2, but it is more likely inspired by assist mechanics in tag-team fighting games such as the Marvel vs. Capcom series.