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Approaching is the offensive method a player performs to get close to their opponent to land attacks or begin combos. A majority of approaching attacks are mostly forward aerial, down aerial, back aerial, dash attack; and a more amount of notable attacks that will certainly catch the opponents. Approaching have ability of being performed vertically or horizontally. The simplest (and least safe) forms of approaching are simply walking or dashing up to the opponent. The cast who possess fast or above-average running speeds, like Sonic, Fox, Falco, Mario, PAC-MAN, Mr. Game & Watch and Rayman, have the greatest approaching options, while characters with slow or below-average running speeds, like Jigglypuff, Zelda and Sandbag, possess extremely weakened approaches, which lead to them possessing the lack of approach options.

Types of approaches

  • Walking: Walking is the slowest type of approach and can be punished. However, this method can be unpredictable due to its rarity, and allows the use of any other attacks, or to start other approaching methods. Characters with a fast walking speed (most notably Fox, Sandbag and Rayman) can use walking to microspace against slower characters.
  • Dashing and running: Dashing and running are both faster than walking and grants the potential for the use of dash attacks (potentially the most riskiest move in terms of approaching) and dash-canceled moves. However, this prevents immediate usage of any tilts, neutral attacks, or smash attacks, excluding up-smashes, which have worse forward range for approaches.
  • Jumping: Jumping allows the player to dish out any aerials while moving toward the opponent. This aggressive approaching method can be difficult to defend against, especially with characters that have high aerial mobility or large auto-cancel windows; for example, Mr. Game & Watch can easily attack while retreating if the player senses danger (due to his overall high jumping height), while Sheik's generous auto-cancel windows allow her to throw out aerials aggressively. However, as most aerial attacks are unsafe on shield if spaced incorrectly, this approach can be countered by out-of-shield options or capitalizing on landing lag.
  • Projectiles can cover an approach that would otherwise be vulnerable. They force the opponent to either dodging, shielding, or recieving the hit, all of which can be capitalized on. Some such projectiles are Peach's Vegetables, Falco's Blaster, Mr. Game & Watch's variety of "food", and Mario's Fireball. This is countered by reflection by shields.
  • Shielding can be a surprising mix-up when combined with other approaching methods. For example, if a player simply dashes up and puts out their shield, it can force a reaction from their opponent, allowing for a grab. This technique is a definite mindgame.
  • Pivoting is a similarly advantageous mix-up while approaching, due to the ability to capitalize on an opponent's reaction and microspace. Characters which can use pivoting effectively include those with long, disjointed tilt attacks, far-reaching pivots, or a long pivot grab, such as Meta Knight, Mr. Game & Watch and Rayman.
  • Approaching attacks are character-specific special moves that vary wildly in their style and application. They all share the same characteristic of moving the player while having a hitbox out, and this allows them to be used to approach with minimal danger of punishment.
  • Floating is a technique exclusive to Peach and Goku, as well as to extreme lightweightened characters, and a very effective method of approach. It allows Peach and Goky players to move toward or away from the opponent completely at will, while putting out any of their aerials.
  • Boost grab, also known as a dash-attack cancelled grab, is also present to the game, and is able to be performed by all characters. It is potentially one of the weakest in terms of approaching, due to its short forward travelance; not even catching the opponents further away. To perform a boost grab, characters must intially dash and then press the attack-button while dashing to perform a dash attack. The player then has to press the grabbing button immediately within the first few frames of the dash attack. If done correctly, the dash attack will be cancelled and the player will instead perform a dashing grab. Some characters will travel more distance when using a boost grab, some characters will travel a similar distance and some will travel less distance.