As with the Super Smash Bros. games, matches officially start in the Super Smash Flash games when the announcer says "Go!".

An announcer, also referred as a narrator, is a voice that plays the role of a referee in the game. It has been a feature present in every game of the Super Smash Bros. series. Being a series of non-profit fan games based on the Super Smash Bros. series, both games in the Super Smash Flash series also have their own announcer.

In Super Smash Flash

In order to provide the first game of the series, Super Smash Flash, an extra twist, Cleod9 opted to use a female announcer, Kira Buckland, who goes by the alias of Kagome, very different to those of the official Super Smash Bros. games that made use of a male announcer. Another reason he specified doing so was that audio files would not be consistent, claiming Super Smash Bros. Melee's announcer's voice did not rip very well, plus Kagome's voice was much clearer.[1] The choice of using a female announcer received a mixed reactions from many players. Some found her voice unfitting for a fighting game based on a Smash game, comparing it with the official game's announcers. On the other hand, some thought, indeed, a female announcer gave SSF a special feeling not seen in the original Smash games and was comparably unique to the game.


Quote Audio
SSF Announcer - All-Star
"Choose your character"
SSF Announcer - Choose your character
SSF Announcer - Complete
"Computer player defeated!"
SSF Announcer - Computer player defeated
SSF Announcer - Congratulations
SSF Announcer - Continue
SSF Announcer - Failure
SSF Announcer - Game!
"Game Over"
SSF Announcer - Game Over
SSF Announcer - Go!
"How to Play"
SSF Announcer - How to Play
SSF Announcer - Melee
"New record!"
SSF Announcer - New record
"No contest"
SSF Announcer - No contest
"Player 1 defeated!"
SSF Announcer - Player 1 defeated
"Player 2 defeated!"
SSF Announcer - Player 2 defeated
"Race to the Finish!"
SSF Announcer - Race to the Finish
SSF Announcer - Ready
"Team 1!"
SSF Announcer - Team 1
"Team 2!"
SSF Announcer - Team 2
"Team Melee!"
SSF Announcer - Team Melee
"This game's winner is..."
SSF Announcer - This game's winner is...
"Training Mode!"
SSF Announcer - Training mode
SSF Announcer - Versus...

Character name

Quote Audio
SSF Announcer - Blade
SSF Announcer - Blue
"Captain Falcon!"
SSF Announcer - Captain Falcon
SSF Announcer - Cloud
SSF Announcer - Crono
SSF Announcer - Fox
SSF Announcer - InuYasha
SSF Announcer - Jigglypuff
SSF Announcer - Kirby
SSF Announcer - Knuckles
SSF Announcer - Link
SSF Announcer - Lloyd
SSF Announcer - Luigi
SSF Announcer - Mario
"Mega Man!"
SSF Announcer - Mega Man
SSF Announcer - Mewtwo
"Mr. Game & Watch!"
SSF Announcer - Mr. Game & Watch
"Mr. Incredible!"
SSF Announcer - Mr. Incredible
SSF Announcer - Naruto
SSF Announcer - Pikachu
SSF Announcer - Samus
SSF Announcer - Shadow
SSF Announcer - Sheik
SSF Announcer - Sonic
"Super Sonic!"
SSF Announcer - Super Sonic
SSF Announcer - Tails
"Young Link!"
SSF Announcer - Young Link
SSF Announcer - Zelda
SSF Announcer - Zero

In Super Smash Flash 2

For the reboot, Super Smash Flash 2, Cleod9 opted for the use of a male announcer like in the official games. The decision for this change is unknown. The man responsible for the announcer's voice is Joshua Tomar, who goes by the alias TomaMoto. The announcer feature was first incorporated in v0.5a of the demo and, as new things are added into the game, new voice clips for the announcer are added when a new demo is released.


Quote Audio
"1" (end)
SSF2 Announcer - 1 (end)
"1" (start)
SSF2 Announcer - 1 (start)
"2" (end)
SSF2 Announcer - 2 (end)
"2" (start)
SSF2 Announcer - 2 (start)
"3" (end)
SSF2 Announcer - 3 (end)
"3" (start)
SSF2 Announcer - 3 (start)
SSF2 Announcer - 4
SSF2 Announcer - 5
"All-Star mode!"
SSF2 Announcer - All-Star mode
"Blue Team!"
SSF2 Announcer - Blue team
"Break the targets!"
SSF2 Announcer - Break the Targets
"Choose your character!"
SSF2 Announcer - Choose your character
"Classic mode!"
SSF2 Announcer - Classic mode
"Computer player..."
SSF2 Announcer - Computer player...
SSF2 Announcer - Congratulations
SSF2 Announcer - Defeated
"Event mode!"
SSF2 Announcer - Event mode
SSF2 Announcer - Failure
SSF2 Announcer - Game!
"Game Over!"
SSF2 Announcer - Game Over
SSF2 Announcer - Go!
"Go!" Ver. 2
SSF2 Announcer - Go! (Ver. 2)
"Green Team!"
SSF2 Announcer - Green team
"Home-Run Contest!"
SSF2 Announcer - Home-Run Contest
"New record!"
SSF2 Announcer - New record!
"No contest!"
SSF2 Announcer - No contest!
"Player 1..."
SSF2 Announcer - Player 1
"Player 2..."
SSF2 Announcer - Player 2
"Player 3..."
SSF2 Announcer - Player 3
"Player 4..."
SSF2 Announcer - Player 4
SSF2 Announcer - Ready...
"Red Team!"
SSF2 Announcer - Red team
SSF2 Announcer - Success!
"Sudden Death..."
SSF2 Announcer - Sudden Death...
"This game's winner is..."
SSF2 Announcer - This game's winner is...
SSF2 Announcer - Time
"Training mode!"
SSF2 Announcer - Training mode
"Wow! Incredible!"
SSF2 Announcer - Wow! Incredible!

Character name

Quote Audio
"Bandana Dee!"
SSF2 Announcer - Bandana Dee
"Black Mage!"
SSF2 Announcer - Black Mage
SSF2 Announcer - Bomberman
SSF2 Announcer - Bowser
"Captain Falcon!"
SSF2 Announcer - Captain Falcon
SSF2 Announcer - Chibi-Robo
"Donkey Kong!"
SSF2 Announcer - Donkey Kong
SSF2 Announcer - Falco
SSF2 Announcer - Fox
SSF2 Announcer - Goku
SSF2 Announcer - Ichigo
SSF2 Announcer - Isaac
SSF2 Announcer - Jigglypuff
SSF2 Announcer - Kirby
SSF2 Announcer - Krystal
SSF2 Announcer - Link
SSF2 Announcer - Lloyd
SSF2 Announcer - Lucario
SSF2 Announcer - Luffy
SSF2 Announcer - Luigi
SSF2 Announcer - Mario
SSF2 Announcer - Marth
"Mega Man!"
SSF2 Announcer - Mega Man
"Meta Knight!"
SSF2 Announcer - Meta Knight
"Mr. Game & Watch!"
SSF2 Announcer - Mr. Game & Watch
SSF2 Announcer - Naruto
SSF2 Announcer - Ness
SSF2 Announcer - PAC-MAN
SSF2 Announcer - Peach
SSF2 Announcer - Pichu
SSF2 Announcer - Pikachu
SSF2 Announcer - Pit
SSF2 Announcer - Rayman
SSF2 Announcer - Ryu
SSF2 Announcer - Samus
SSF2 Announcer - Sandbag
SSF2 Announcer - Sheik
SSF2 Announcer - Simon
SSF2 Announcer - Sonic
SSF2 Announcer - Sora
SSF2 Announcer - Tails
SSF2 Announcer - Waluigi
SSF2 Announcer - Wario
SSF2 Announcer - Yoshi
SSF2 Announcer - Zelda
"Zero Suit Samus!"
SSF2 Announcer - Zero Suit Samus

Early quotes

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Quote Audio
"Choose your character!"
SSF2 Demo Announcer - Choose your character
SSF2 Demo Announcer - Game
SSF2 Demo Announcer - Go
"No contest!"
SSF2 Demo Announcer - No contest
"This game's winner is..."
SSF2 Demo Announcer - This game's winner is...
SSF2 Demo Announcer - Time
"Training Mode!"
SSF2 Demo Announcer - Training mode

Character name

Quote Audio
"Black Mage!"
SSF2 Demo Announcer - Black Mage
SSF2 Demo Announcer - Goku
SSF2 Demo Announcer - Ichigo
SSF2 Demo Announcer - Kirby
SSF2 Demo Announcer - Link
SSF2 Demo Announcer - Lloyd
SSF2 Demo Announcer - Mario
"Mega Man!"
SSF2 Demo Announcer - Mega Man
SSF2 Demo Announcer - Naruto
SSF2 Demo Announcer - Ness
SSF2 Demo Announcer - Peach
SSF2 Demo Announcer - Sonic
SSF2 Demo Announcer - Sora
SSF2 Demo Announcer - Tails
SSF2 Demo Announcer - Wario


  • In Super Smash Flash, unlike in Super Smash Bros. Melee, Master Hand and Crazy Hand are not voiced by the announcer (likely because it was a female); instead, voice clips from their respective appearances in Melee were used.
    • This is also the case for Super Smash Flash 2, which has Master Hand re-utilizing samples from Pat Cashman (Super Smash Bros. Brawl's announcer), despite utilizing a male announcer this time.
  • In Super Smash Flash, aside the announcer work, Buckland also did the voiceover for Naruto.


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