An alternate music track is a secondary musical piece that has chances to play on several stages in Super Smash Flash 2 instead of the habitual main track, added for the sake of variety in the game. Alternate music tracks become available once the game has been booted up 10 times.

List of alternate music tracks per stage

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It was confirmed that, as of the Beta version, each multiplayer stage in the game will feature an alternate music track. These are the alternate tracks that have been included so far:

Stage Alternate music track
Battlefield Multi-Man Smash
Bomb Factory Alcatraz (Bomberman 64)
Bowser's Castle Bowser's Rampage
Casino Night Zone Casino Park
Castle Siege Comrades
Central Highway Mega Man X Medley
Chaos Shrine Chaos Shrine
Clock Town Song of Storms
Crateria Lower Norfair
Desk TBA
Devil's Machine Deep Darkness
Distant Planet TBA
Dracula's Castle Proof of Blood
Dream Land Green Greens
Emerald Cave TBA
Final Destination Cruel Smash
Final Valley Size of the Moon
Flat Zone + TBA
Fourside Pollyanna
Galaxy Tours Gusty Garden Galaxy
Gangplank Galleon Snakey Chantey
Green Hill Zone Live and Learn
Hidden Leaf Village Wind
Hueco Mundo On the Precipice of Defeat
Hylian Skies Death Mountain
Hyrule Castle Song of Ocarina (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)
Jungle Hijinx Bramble Blast
Lake of Rage Champion Battle (Lance & Red)
Lunar Core Within the Giant
Metal Cavern Metal Bros. Battle
Meteo Campaigns Corneria
Mushroom Kingdom Overworld (Super Mario Bros.)
Mushroom Kingdom II Caves (Super Mario Bros. 2)
Mushroom Kingdom III Overworld
Nintendo 3DS TBA
Palutena's Shrine Palace in the Sky
Princess Peach's Castle Boss Battle (Super Princess Peach)
Phase 8 Vs. Ridley
Planet Namek DBZ Fight Theme
Pokémon Colosseum Trainer Battle
Rainbow Route Speed Eaters
Saffron City Pokémon City Medley
Sand Ocean Mute City
Saturn Valley TBA
Sector Z Corneria 2
Shadow Moses Island TBA
Silph Co. Team Rocket Hideout
Skull Fortress Flash in the Dark / Galaxy Fantasy
Sky Sanctuary Zone Sky Canyon Zone
Skyward Voyage TBA
Smashville K.K. Crusin'
Steel Diver TBA
Temple Skyloft
Tower of Salvation Fatalize
Twilight Town Rowdy Rumble
Venus Lighthouse Main Theme (Golden Sun)
Waiting Room Menu (NES Mix)
WarioWare, Inc. TBA
World Tournament The Ultimate Battle
Yoshi's Island Lakitu Plains
Yoshi's Island (64) TBA
Yoshi's Story Donut Lifts




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