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All-Star Battle v0.1
All-Star Battle v0.1.png
Description Duke it out with the original characters added in Super Smash Flash 2's v0.1 demo!
Character Choose (2 stocks)
Opponent(s) Mario (Super Smash Flash 2) (1 stock, level 4)
Kirby (Super Smash Flash 2) (1 stock, level 4)
Ichigo (Super Smash Flash 2) (1 stock, level 4)
Lloyd (Super Smash Flash 2) (1 stock, level 4)
Stage(s) Galaxy Tours
Rainbow Route
Hueco Mundo
Tower of Salvation
All-Star Battle v0.1

All-Star Battle v0.1 is the first All-Star Battle event in Super Smash Flash 2.


Playing as a character of choice, the player must defeat the four characters that were released in v0.1 of the SSF2 demo. Each opponent is fought in a one-on-one match on their own unique stage, and upon defeating an opponent, the player will move on to fight the next opponent with their damage, stocks, and time carried over. In order, the player fights Mario on Galaxy Tours, Kirby on Rainbow Route, Ichigo on Hueco Mundo, and Lloyd on Tower of Salvation. The player has 2 stocks and each opponent has 1 stock.


The high score the player receives is based on how much time the event takes to be completed. However, the ranking is determined only by how much time the first three matches take to be completed, so the final match does not factor into this ranking. The specific conditions for this are listed below.

Ranking Time
S 0:40 '00
A 1:13 '33
B 2:00 '00
C 2:53 '33
D 3:33 '33
E 5:33 '33
F > 5:33 '33


The event's original preview.

  • Despite being the first character to be programmed into the game, Ichigo is the third character to be faced in the event. This is likely due to the fact that opponents are faced in their original placement order on the first character selection screen and not according to their original inclusions, unlike later All-Star Battle events.
  • The preview image of this event was changed in Beta 1.2 due to Lloyd and Ichigo receiving new artwork.