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Mario using his air dodge.

Air dodging is an action in Super Smash Flash 2 that allows the player to avoid attacks for a few frames while midair. It is performed by pressing the shield button while in the air. During an air dodge, a character will temporarily receive invincibility while flashing white.

Air dodging is not present in Super Smash Flash and was first introduced in SSF2. It functions similar to how it works in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, however, as of demo v0.8a, characters cannot air dodge out of hitstun nor while tumbling, which makes air dodging a little more situational.


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The way air dodging works in SSF2 has generated debate in the community, with people against it advocating for directional air dodging (much like in Melee) in order to grant the player more movement options (such as wavedashing and wavelanding) and thus 'speeding up' the gameplay.

Defenders of the mechanic state that the current air dodges makes the game unique and different from the aforementioned games while being riskier and less abusable than the air dodges in Brawl. However, the mechanic is not as punishable as it is in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U when landing toward the ground.

Character data

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Character Frames Dodge Start Dodge End
Black Mage 24 3 16
Bomberman 25 15
Captain Falcon 24
Chibi-Robo 22 16
Donkey Kong 24 15
Jigglypuff 26 4 9
Kirby 24 3 15
Link 21 16
Lloyd 22
Mario 25 14
Mega Man 24 15
Meta Knight 21 16
Naruto 24 15
Peach 22 10
Pikachu 24 15
Pit 26 14
Samus 24 15
Sheik 24
Tails 14
Wario 19 15
Yoshi 24 14
Zelda 16
Zero Suit Samus 21