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Aine's artwork for Renaine.
First appearance Renaine (2017, web demo)
MG appearance(s) Fraymakers
Species Human
Gender Female
Alignment Good
Created by Squidly
Company Octosoft

Aine is main protagonist of the upcoming platforming game Renaine. She appears as an Assist character in Fraymakers.

Character description

Aine is a young knight clad in golden armor who hails from the kingdom of Lineria. She is also known as the "Phoenix Knight" due to possessing the Spirit of the Phoenix, giving her the ability to revive any time she is defeated. With her power, she has a duty to stop the invincible Dragon that had previously killed her friend, Ren, as she is able to fail as many times as she needs to before defeating it. However, due to the Dragon's Curse, the layout of Lineria is changed each time she revives. Despite the challenges she faces, Aine maintains a sense of bravery from her failure and her drive to learn from and correct her mistakes.

In combat, Aine normally fights using her sword, and she can also attack by jumping on enemies. Despite being a knight, she lacks in raw strength and instead makes up for it with her attacking speed, as well as her adaptability.

In Fraymakers

Aine's cut-in.

Aine as she appears in Fraymakers.

Aine is one of the Assist characters in Fraymakers, and she will be among the twenty Assists available at the launch of its Early Access release. When called upon, she delivers a fast four-hit combo with her sword, her main attack in Renaine. The move deals low damage by itself but allows for the player to follow up with additional attacks of their own.