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Mario's neutral aerial.
Mario's forward aerial.
Mario's back aerial.
Mario's up aerial.
Mario's down aerial.
Mario's aerial attacks.

An aerial attack is a normal attack in Super Smash Flash 2 that is performed when the character is found midair.

There are five standard aerial attacks, performed by pressing the attack button in any four directions or no direction at all while in the air. Each attack is usually set so that the hitbox of the attack will hit in the general direction of that aerial attack.

  • Neutral aerials, for the most part, are fast attacks, hitting either in front or around the character. Some have lingering hitboxes and are referred as sex kicks.
  • Forward aerials hit right in front. Depending on the character it can be a multi-hit attack, a strong finisher or a spacing tool.
  • Up aerials hit straight up or in an arc, mostly used for juggling or as a vertical finisher.
  • Back aerials hit in the opposite direction the character is facing. Some have good range making them useful for spacing. Performing a reverse aerial rush makes approaching with them possible.
  • Down aerials hit directly below. Most are either multi-hit attacks or meteor smashes. Most stall-then-fall attacks are down aerials, which make character plummet downwards for a short time.


Aerial attacks' collages


  • Originally, when gliding was possible, characters with this ability could perform an additional aerial attack, called the glide attack.