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Aerial Recovery
SSF2 Sora - Aerial Recovery.png
Sora using Aerial Recovery.
User(s) Sora (Super Smash Flash 2)
Effect Sora leaps into the air with circles surrounding him while being able to use any other attack at any time.

Aerial Recovery (エアリカバリー) is Sora's up special move in Super Smash Flash 2.


When performed, Sora leaps upwards into the air flipping backwards, moving forward as he does so. Several thin blue circles surround him as he uses the move, disappearing after he finishes flipping. While the move itself deals no damage or knockback of any kind to opponents, he is able to cancel the move at any point into any other action without losing any momentum.

Aerial Recovery is a potent recovery option when used close to the stage, especially as it does not leave Sora helpless after being used, though he is also unable to use his midair jump before landing. If used on the ground, however, this does not apply, and he is able to use it a second time afterwards. The move could also be used as a potent out of shield option to escape pressure and begin combos.


Sora using Aerial Recovery in the HD ReMIX version of KINGDOM HEARTS II Final Mix.

Aerial Recovery is a recurring technique in the KINGDOM HEARTS franchise, first appearing in KINGDOM HEARTS II. Used in series by multiple playable characters including Sora, it allows the user to flip over and upright themselves after being knocked into the air by an enemy attack, granting a moment of invincibility to properly recover. It works very similarly in SSF2, including the light blue circles that surround the user during the move. However, unlike in KINGDOM HEARTS II, Sora does not have invincibility at any point while performing Aerial Recovery.



Early designs


  • This is Sora's only special move in SSF2 that was not later referenced in any form for his moveset in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
  • Prior to Beta, Sora's up special move was instead Finishing Leap. It was changed to Aerial Recovery to flow with Sora's combo-oriented playstyle and graceful movements.
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