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The subject was never implemented or was removed, cut or altered at some point of its development, and this article pertains to its original implementation.

The logo for Adventure Mode: The Flash Of Shadows.

Adventure Mode: The Flash Of Shadows, abbreviated as FoS, was the planned downloadable "story mode" extension for the downloadable version of Super Smash Flash 2. Based on The Subspace Emissary from Super Smash Bros. Brawl, it would have consisted of various levels in the style of a side-scrolling platformer in which the player must reach the end of each level while fighting enemies and bosses. Additionally, a story would have been told through pre-rendered cutscenes during and between levels. The story had been developed by several of the game's developers known internally as "The Flash Of Shadows Writers", led by Suliboy. The story was planned to be about a group of heroes' struggle to defeat a "Shadowy Man" known as Umbra, along with their army of minions known as the CuBots. Characters would join the player's party according to the story, and allowing unlockable characters to join the party would unlock them.

Due to changes in the development team in late 2010 following the release of v0.6 of the demo, the current story was deemed absurd and obsolete, being scrapped altogether, and the mode itself was quietly scrapped shortly after. On March 23, 2018, developer James Hadden confirmed in an interview that a story mode is now highly unlikely, albeit still possible, to be created for SSF2 in the future.[1]




As previously mentioned, a story would have been told in this mode through pre-rendered cutscenes during and between levels. Of these cutscenes, three have been shown and released to McLeodGaming's YouTube channel, although they are now private. Note that these cutscenes are all depreciated and based on the original story for this mode, which is now scrapped. Also note that changes have been made to the game's character roster following the release of v0.7, with Vegeta IV now removed and Zero and Solid Snake now unconfirmed, and these cutscenes reflect only the initial roster.



April Fools 2020 SSF2 Flash of Shadows

The fake trailer revealing Flash of Shadows as a game mode in SSF2.

  • The original logo for this mode is the same as that for The Subspace Emissary from Brawl, though the text has been changed.
  • Though a section for this mode was included in the game modes tab of the fourth Smash Flash DOJO!!!, no updates were ever posted for it. The tab was later removed with the website's redesign on February 8, 2013.
  • For April Fools' Day 2020, former developer FriendAlias created a fake trailer revealing a reimagining of the original game mode for SSF2, now simply named Flash of Shadows. Many of its original concepts were featured in the trailer, such as characters that had since been cut from the game's roster, cutscenes based on the original story, and redesigns of Umbra and the CuBots. It was initially proposed to be released to McLeodGaming's YouTube channel, but it ultimately released to FriendAlias's own YouTube channel as to not trick people into thinking the game mode was legitimate.


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