Ness using PSI Magnet to absorb Luigi's Fireball and Mega Man's Mega Buster.

Absorption is the process in Super Smash Flash 2 of using a particular special move to "catch" an opposing projectile. The assailant then provides some benefit to the character absorbing based on the attack power of the absorbed attack. Not all projectiles can be absorbed, and the ones that can be absorbed are often (but not always) "energy-based", such as Mario's Fireball or Lloyd's Demon Fang. However, many "physical" projectiles, such as Link's Hero's Bow or Naruto's Shadow Clone Toss, cannot be absorbed.

Absorption was not possible in Super Smash Flash, as the game lacked any mechanics corresponding to it.

List of moves with absorbing abilities

Character Move(s) Effect
Mr. Game & Watch Oil Panic Each projectile absorbed by the bucket fills one of three units. Once all three are filled, Mr. Game & Watch can unleash a powerful projectile, which deals more damage and knockback depending on how much damage the absorbed projectiles would have inflicted.
Ness PSI Magnet Each projectile absorbed by PSI Magnet reduces some of Ness's damage. Projectiles dealing more damage reduce more damage when absorbed.
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