A Heavenly Power
A Heavenly Power.png
Description A heavenly power is protecting you from the evils nearby.
Character Pit (Super Smash Flash 2) (1 stock)
Opponent(s) Ness (Super Smash Flash 2) (1 stock, costume 11, level 9)
Ness (Super Smash Flash 2) (1 stock, costume 11, level 9)
Ally(ies) Pit (Super Smash Flash 2) (giant, invisible, level 9)
Stage(s) Devil's Machine
A Heavenly Power

A Heavenly Power is event #31 in Super Smash Flash 2.


Playing as Pit, the player must defeat a team consisting of two Nesses while teamed up with another Pit, who is giant and invisible, on Devil's Machine. In addition to being giant and invisible, the player's ally is immune to taking damage and cannot be defeated, although he can still be attacked. The player and each opponent has 1 stock.


The ranking the player receives is based on how much time the event takes to be completed. The specific conditions for this are listed below.

Ranking Time
S 0:30 '00
A 0:48 '33
B 0:55 '00
C 1:10 '00
D 1:23 '33
E 1:33 '33
F > 1:33 '33
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