7 Swords 5: Galaxia Sword
Date June 12th, 2015
Attendance 19
Winner(s) Kyoz
Staff game-spidr

7 Swords 5: Galaxia Sword is the fifth tournament in the 7th Swords series. The tournament was hosted by game-spidr and held on June 12, 2015. Kyoz took home another win without losing a set. Most notably, newcomer ZERO_OR carved his way through losers bracket to place 2nd overall, despite getting knocked out of winners early on after losing 0-2 to TrickMew.


25 people joined, but only 19 participated in the tournament.

1st USA tW Kyoz SSF2 Zero Suit Samus head
2nd USA N/A ZERO_OR SSF2 Lloyd headSSF2 Marth headSSF2 Ichigo headSSF2 Fox headSSF2 Sheik headSSF2 Naruto head
3rd USA N/A Chaunch SSF2 Jigglypuff headSSF2 Marth headSSF2 Zelda headSSF2 Donkey Kong head
4th USA 7M Dark Ermac SSF2 Samus head
5th USA N/A SS -
5th USA N/A TrickMew SSF2 Link headSSF2 Zelda headSSF2 Sheik headSSF2 Kirby head
7th USA PoD, tW game-spidr SSF2 Ichigo head
7th - N/A TheBlockisHot34 SSF2 Naruto headSSF2 Fox head
9th CAN N/A Styles -
9th CAN N/A Epicsteve2 -
9th - N/A samthenigga -
9th - N/A Emm -
13th - N/A ComboMaster245 -
13th - N/A iepicxd -
13th AUS N/A AUS_Cyclone SSF2 Meta Knight headSSF2 Sheik head
13th USA N/A Jaxler -
17th USA N/A Jadeneck -
17th - N/A AOE -
17th USA N/A TaylorNatsu -