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Ōdama Rasengan
Oodama Rasengan
Naruto symbol
Naruto after unleashing the Ōdama Rasengan.
Universe Naruto
User(s) SSF2 Naruto head
Effect Naruto unleashes a massive ball of energy that deals massive damage and knockback to opponents caught in it.

The Ōdama Rasengan (大玉螺旋丸), also known as the Big Ball Rasengan, was originally the fully charged variation of Naruto's standard special move in Super Smash Flash 2 until v0.8a of the SSF2 Demo, when it was replaced with Fūton: Rasenshuriken.


This technique is a much more powerful version of Naruto's standard Rasengan once fully charged. When performed, Naruto would punch a ball of energy forward that could deal 28% damage and launch opponents forward with incredible knockback. If the initial punch would make contact with an opponent, the ball of energy would expand to a much larger one, which had a massive, lasting hitbox that could deal 25% damage and similar knockback.

Kyūbi Naruto's version of this attack is called the Kyūbi Rasengan (九尾螺旋丸) and is even more powerful than the Ōdama Rasengan.


Naruto anime Ōdama Rasengan

Naruto about to use the Big Ball Rasengan in the anime Naruto.

In the Naruto series, the Rasengan is a ninjutsu with pre-eminent destructive power, caused by wildly spinning chakra inside one's palm and compressing it to a high density. Using the same essentials, but also rapidly increasing the amount of chakra used, results in the Big Ball Rasengan. It was created by Naruto Uzumaki during his training with Jiraiya. Like the original, Naruto uses a Shadow Clone to help form it but unlike the original technique, the shadow clone helps him to carry it. Compressed to an even higher density than before, the chakra is released all at once as soon as the technique hits the target, releasing an extraordinary destructive power. Proportional to this power, the amount of chakra it consumes is also extraordinary. With him possessing the near-inexhaustible supply of the Nine-Tails' chakra, it could be said that this technique is for no one, but Naruto.




Naruto's special moves
Standard special move Rasengan / Rasenshuriken
Side special move Shadow Clone Toss
Up special move Shadow Clone Slash
Down special move Shadow Clone Summon
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