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Description Y O U   *click*   D I D   I T!   L E T ' S   C E L E B R A T E !   *whrr*
Character Choose (1 stock)
Opponent(s) Master Hand (Super Smash Flash 2) (500 HP)
Master Hand (Super Smash Flash 2) (500 HP)
Stage(s) Final Destination

????? is event #51 in Super Smash Flash 2. It is the final event in the game and can only be played if the player has obtained A rank or higher in every other event.


Playing as a character of choice, the player must defeat two Master Hands, one on each side of the stage, on Final Destination. Both Master Hands have 500 health points, and the player has 1 stock. Fireworks will spawn periodically, and the player can use them to damage the Master Hands. However, the Fireworks can be hit by the Master Hands themselves, in which case they will deal damage to both the player and the Master Hands.


The ranking the player receives is based on how much time the event takes to be completed. The specific conditions for this are listed below.

Ranking Time
S 0:57 '16
A 1:02 '66
B 1:08 '66
C 1:13 '00
D 1:20 '00
E 1:36 '66
F > 1:36 '66


  • The second Master Hand is most likely supposed to represent Crazy Hand.
  • In this event the second Master Hand's laser attack will only deal damage at the start of the lasers, which are also bugged.
  • It is possible to get KO'd and fail the event even if the Master Hands have been defeated.
  • This event refers to McLeodGaming itself. The preview image purposely resembles the company's logo, and the description is a reference to CLEODBOT, a gag character introduced during the Super Smash Flash 2 Dev Blog concerning the reveal of Sandbag.
  • Unlike in the final battle with Master Hand in Classic, the music track Vs. Master Hand does not play during this event. The track Menu 1 plays instead, which normally plays on the main menu rather than Final Destination.